Mar 26 - Apr 1, 20

It is on record that the youth in general and the students of Aligarh University in particular were prominently associated with the Pakistan Movement, led by the father of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, that culminated in the inception of Pakistan 65 years back.

Today when the country is confronted with cross- currents, the youngsters of the country have once again to play a role to steer the nation out of the complexities of socioeconomic and political issues with a practical demonstration of the golden principle of unity, faith, and discipline in our life across the board.

Pakistan is fortunate to have the strength of a young nation, which has the qualities to transform available resources into a strong economy and give a pride to the people of the country to walk shoulder to shoulder with the modern world respectfully. However, the dream would come true when the excellence of our youth they are displaying in universities and schools is acknowledged by the society as a whole. The remarkable performance they are doing at various levels in the universities and schools across the country needs reckoning at the government and the private sector levels.

The time has come to get rid of political consideration for running public and private organizations in the larger interest of the nation. The young and talented leaders picked up from all universities should be given a chance to work with a focus to redress the sufferings of the poor of the country.

Besides enormous economic potential and natural resources, we have a strong agriculture base yet the plenty of resources are not being translated, which reflected in our poor per capita income and rising poverty level. Let these resources be managed by the young educated leaders purely on merit to give a direction to the economy to move on well-defined routes.

Currently, energy shortage is the most burning issue faced by the people across the country. The shortage of energy and the unabated rise in the price of energy adversely is affecting economic growth, which needs to be sorted out by using all available resources. In this respect, the task can be given to the higher education institutions to find out workable solutions of the chronic issue of energy shortage. It can be taken as the test of the real potential of our talented youth especially at higher education institutions. Hopefully, many high education institutions which claim to be center of excellence would not disappoint the nation in finding a workable solution of energy crisis provided their works remain safe from the red-tape existing in the power corridors.

The success story of the students of Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology who won 1st prize for their innovative project "3-Axis Carving Machine via CNC" at the Young Leaders Festival held by Young Social Reformers at Expo Centre Karachi, substantiates well the above arguments in support of our youth.

It is interesting to note that the 3rd Prize was also given to Sir Syed University for the unique project "Ultrasonic Navigation System" for blinds. Enthusiastic Pakistani youth leaders and students from local universities and institutions took part in the one-day festival that focused on promoting cross-cultural interaction among youth of Pakistan.

It may be noted that the students of Sir Syed University presented projects of different nature at their stall at Expo during youth festival and people were attracted to these novel and innovative projects designed and produced by the young leaders.

The Public Affairs Officer Mr. Kevin Murakami and Cultural Affairs Officer Mr. Tony Jones of US Consulate General Karachi were also present on the occasion to encourage the young talent. The event was an outstanding opportunity to further emphasize the U.S. commitment in supporting educational and cultural exchanges with Pakistan and the United States.

Addressing the Pakistani youth, Kevin Murakami said: "You are future of the country and a great national potential. Undoubtedly, the youth of Pakistan has an incredible powerful voice to bring a positive and constructive change in the society. Considering too young and too inexperienced, the youth were always underestimated throughout the history, but whenever given opportunities they translated their dreams into reality. The young Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is the first Pakistani ever to win the Academy Award for Pakistan. Similarly nine years old Aarifa Karim was the 1st youngest Microsoft Certified professional."

Mr. Murakami remarked that the world is facing a lot of challenges and our goal is to empower young leaders to solve the problems of youth in Pakistan. He urged them to raise their voice for peace and prosperity. He assured them of making arrangement for more Pakistani students to go US for studies.

Speaking to the youth at the festival Naved Nizami of Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology said: "The purpose of the festival was to promote and acknowledge the skills and talent of Pakistani youth, and a number of innovative projects on display here reflect the incredible potential of our youth."

Mr. Nizami said youth leaders being recognized as important resources and partners deserve the same corporate attention as leaders in business and other organizations and they must take on significant roles as leaders within academic institutions, organizations, and communities.

A 3-Axis Carving Machine carves text with complete accuracy in an exact size and depth. It is a smart machine with a software rich in the design images and text you need to carve. Mechanical motion is done by the smart design which when powered with motors gives the motion in three dimensions. Electronic circuits comprise of motor driven power supply and breakout board. It can do PCB drilling, wood designing, metal carving and dye making. Students who produced this project include Fahad Sami Khan, Shoaib Iqbal, Usman Khan, Syed Muhammad Moiz, and Syed Umair Ali.

Ultrasonic Navigation System consists of three ultrasound sensors strapped onto a vest and positioned at three different angles. The main application of the device is to help people with impaired vision. The system has three vibration motors, placed in module of the vest, one for each ultrasound sensor. The front, left and right ultrasound sensors are used primarily for obstacle detection, with the corresponding vibration motor that would vibrate when an obstacle was detected by a particular sensor. The project was designed and produced by M. Zoab Khan.