Jan 16 - 22, 20

In today's challenging economic conditions and financial adversity, there is a constant quest amongst various investment and saving schemes to reward their customers in the best way possible. With newer and more innovative products being introduced in the market every day, it's often hard to choose the one which keeps your preferences and rewards you in the best way possible. The prevailing common practice in the market encourages customers to save and earn profits on their investments.

Breaking away from these conventional practices and setting a benchmark, National Bonds Corporations, took their saving scheme one step further than the rest. Based on the core principles of Islamic finance, Mudaraba principle, they are putting their efforts to evolve the already present Shariah compliant products and help boost the overall Shariah compliant industry in the world. They not just reward their customers with competitive returns on their savings, one of the highest in UAE, but they also reward their customers by giving away more than 9500 prizes every week worth AED 670,000. In addition to that, they give their customers a chance to enter into a draw and win a grand prize of 1 Million Dirhams every month as well.

While earning profits, winning on your investments is something unheard of in the market. They also strive hard to strengthen the saving culture by encompassing people of all ages and backgrounds. One can invest with National Bonds Corporation from as low as AED 100 only. This favorable feature encourages young savers also to start saving from an early age and reaps benefit of savings in the future. So far, more than hundred people have become Millionaires overnight by simply investing with National Bonds Corporation. Other than that, they keep on coming up with new and more innovative schemes every now and then which reward their customers even more. One such example is the current promotional scheme they are having, Live a Debt-life Life, whereby customers will win AED 120,000 every week and a grand prize of 1Kilogram Gold. Innovation while restricting themselves within the principles of Islamic Banking has been their hallmark.

Continuing with this hallmark, recently they have started giving an option to the people residing in Pakistan as well to invest and earn rewards with them. They have joined hands with Emaan Financial Services, who are their authorized facilitator in Pakistan to assist people wishing to invest with National Bonds Corporation. This gives people of Pakistan a great opportunity to invest even in financial institutions outside Pakistan. Constant depreciation of the Rupee and the rising Dollar and Dirham makes it an even more viable option to invest in foreign currency.

National Bonds Corporation has a paid up capital of AED 150 million and is regulated by UAE Central Bank. They have so far now over 650,000 customers worldwide ranging from over 200 nationalities. It has a dedicated Shariah Board which oversees all financial aspects, including product-related operations and investments. They take pride in providing competitive annual returns on your savings which are the highest against any other comparable saving scheme offered by any financial institution in UAE. Accumulated returns were higher than 26% by National Bonds Corporation which strengthen their claim that they are 'Everyone's Favorite Place to Save and Invest'. With the overall economic adversity and financial crisis worldwide, such returns count for more significance than else otherwise. With such well crafted products and innovation, it's of no surprise that they are the world's biggest retail Islamic saving scheme in the World.

Though there's no restriction in who can invest with Shariah compliant financial institutions, a trend found in pre-dominantly Muslim populated countries tells us that Muslim majority countries have witnessed a better positive response from the public. Benefits of Shariah compliance are also being talked globally even in those countries which still have the conventional banking system as the only financial system present. Many other financial institutions have also been working hard to encourage people to save more to help benefit themselves for the rising financial demands of the future. People should look up into more such saving schemes where they can save, earn and win prizes as well on their investments.