July 9 - 15, 20

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz led Punjab government is paying special attention to the provision of quality education at school level and implementation on the comprehensive project of the school reforms roadmap is continuing in the province with the cooperation of international donor agencies.

Apart from the provision of quality education through this organized programme of educational reforms, other educational facilities are being provided to the students at school level. Students of backward and remote areas have especially benefitted from these reforms which have helped in harmonizing the school education with changing demands.

Provision of education to every child in the province is a commitment of the Punjab government. Under this commitment, special enrolment campaigns are going on in the province so that the children deprived of education could be given admission in the schools and prepared as a committed and confident leader.

The Punjab government through an organized investment on its human resources is providing the best and bold leadership to the country and in this way highly educated people will also be produced in various fields. Free education is being provided up to matric to the poor and needy students in their districts all over the province through public-private partnerships.

Education is the only way through which the goal of progress and prosperity can be achieved and keeping in this in view, the Punjab government has adopted a revolutionary strategy to spread light of education in all the four corners of the province.

Daanish School System which is one of major initiatives of Punjab government is expected to usher in a new era of progress and prosperity in the less-developed areas of the province, as the students, who will emerge out of Daanish Schools, would play their effective role in progress and prosperity of the country.

As many as six Daanish Schools in Hasilpur, Rahim Yar Khan and Chishtian are providing academic facilities to the boys and girls students of South Punjab, whereas Daanish School at Mianwali is near completion, while, six Daanish Schools are also being expeditiously constructed in other less-developed areas. During the current fiscal year, construction work of Daanish Schools in the districts of Mailsi, Bhakkar, Lodhran and Layyah would also be initiated.

Children of poor families are being provided free-of-cost education, boarding and lodging as well as facilities of extra-curricular activities at Daanish Schools. A green environment has been provided at Daanish Schools by planting beautiful trees to give a natural atmosphere to the younger generation. Capable and best teachers have been recruited for Daanish Schools, so that they can impart quality education to the students.

According to Punjab Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, billions of rupees have been spent on educational institutions like Grammar, Aitcheson and Cadet Colleges, during the last 64 years, however, the doors of quality education remained shut for the children of the poor. It is for the first time in the history that the government of Pakistan Muslim League (N) has extended the opportunity of quality education to the children of the downtrodden segment of society by establishing Daanish Schools in backward areas.

The Punjab government has set up the Punjab Education Endowment Fund to meet the academic needs of the students and as many as 35000 students are being extended scholarships from the fund.

Punjab Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif believes that our youth are the leaders of tomorrow and they are fully capable of steering the country out of crisis. "Youth will have to play their fullest role in the development of the country, as youth are the future of the nation and hold the key of prosperity and development of the country," he said.

Member National Assembly Ahsan Iqbal said that some people make claims of bringing revolution whereas Punjab government has brought the change in the province by launching revolutionary projects. He termed leaders of tomorrow, a welcome step and proposed to make it a permanent institution.

Pakistani top position holder students are on a visit to Europe on the instructions of Punjab Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. They visited well-known educational institutions of Britain, Surrey University, Trafalgar-Square, University College and Kings College, besides visiting the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

The Pakistani students visited Trafalgar Square located in Central London and visited the National Museum of Art to appreciate works of ancient Greek and English civilizations. Students also visited University College of London which is a well known research institution based on modern libraries and museums. Pakistani students also visited river Thames and Kings College located near it.

Promotion of education is a national movement in which every Pakistani needs to take active part so that no child be remained deprived of getting education due to a lack of resources.

The Punjab government has ensured the recruitment of 70 thousand school teachers on merit and talent due to which best teachers would be available to the students and the recruitment of science teachers will help in promoting awareness regarding modern science and technology among the students.

Punjab Examination Commission has also helped in adopting a uniformed method of examination besides preparing results of primary and middle examinations on time. Constant improvement in examination results of Punjab Examination Commission is a clear proof of its performance.

According to Minister Education Punjab Mian Mujtaba Shuja-ur-Rehman, education is the top priority of the provincial government and the government has taken new initiatives in the field of education.

He said that Punjab Government aimed to setup womens universities in Bahawalpur, Multan, Sialkot and Faisalabad so that new opportunities of higher education for the women could be further enhanced whereas, Rs. One billion stipend was being distributed to girl students belonging to remote and deprived areas to encourage female education.

He said that the government has stepped up its endowment fund with rupees 10 billion. Talented and deserving students are getting scholarship for higher studies. Mujtaba Shuja-ur-Rehman told that Punjab Government has provided a sum of Rs. 10 billion to promote school education in the marginalized strata and 1.5 million deserving students in the 36 districts would be benefited during current year. He told that a sum of Rs. 46 billion will be spent on the school education sector to elevate it according to international standards

Mujtaba Shuja-ur-Rehman said that Punjab Government has distributed 60 thousand education vouchers among the deserving students to enable them to complete their education in their favourite school. He said that the government has launched an education survey in 19 districts in order to expand the education vouchers scheme in new districts especially in less developed areas.