Oct 10 - 16, 20

Dedicated to giving back to the country, employee volunteerism is a core value of Mobilink's culture of excellence. Its employees donate generously to charitable causes in the areas of education, health, and environmental preservation and spend more than 4,800 hours each year on community service initiatives.

During the catastrophic floods of 2010, Orascom Telecom and Mobilink employee volunteers known as Torchbearers came together to donate more than Rs236 million and thousands of volunteer hours towards flood relief in Pakistan's largest private sector relief initiative.

Mobilink was recognized by the Overseas Investor's Chamber of Commerce and Industries (OICCI) as top donor in flood relief amongst member companies. While providing financial support to people during times of disaster has been a long standing practice at Mobilink, the ethos of Mobilink CSR goes beyond donating money and stepping back.

Mobilink is the only telecom company in Pakistan to have established a foundation dedicated to the community service projects in the area of disaster relief, education, health, and the environment. All costs of the foundation and its various overheads such as staff salaries are borne by the corporation so that each rupee donated to the foundation translates into action on the ground and is spent with the purpose for which it was donated.

The Mobilink Foundation has been at the forefront of activities during the IDP crisis in 2009, the floods in 2010, and helping put in place innovative programs in the education and health sector that use cellular technology to improve education and health outcomes for communities.

During the floods of 2010, while Mobilink was one of the top private sector donors, it was also the leading organization in terms of number of volunteer hours donated to flood relief efforts. At Mobilink, we believe that CSR is not just about writing a cheque but actively engaging with and personally helping out families and people in need. Commitment to CSR is one of our core values and Mobilink employees are encouraged to donate time to disaster relief and other community development activities.

We also believe in using our large network and our presence of our team members across the country to give us real time feedback and reports from the ground so that we are able to mobilize resources with speed and efficiency and get to the people who need them the most.

This year's flood relief efforts at Mobilink have been no different. Mobilink torchbearers in Sindh have actively been reporting on the condition in the ground and directing us to areas where aid is needed. Based on field reports and liaison with other relief organizations, we quickly realized that the greatest need is for dry food rations. As a result, we mobilized our procurement networks to procure ration items at the best prices available. Mobilink prepared dry ration packs for 7000 families that had food supplies that could last a family of seven for 15 days. We also provided families with clean drinking water.

While procurement teams worked to get the packs ready our regional sales teams and local franchises conducted extensive visits of flood hit areas. Finance and marketing teams came together to provide operational support to ensure that relief items were able to make it to the field as quickly as possible. With the help of our human resources department we launched an internal fund raising campaign and the Marketing department help put in an external fundraising process via SMS in place. Mobilink was one of the first cellular companies to launch a short code that could be used to donate money to flood victims.

Therefore, all the various parts of Mobilink come together as an efficient whole for community service initiatives. The spirit of generosity and the selfless devotion of Mobilink volunteers in times of national need is an inspiration in its self. Employees clocked hours above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that not only were we generating funds at a rapid pace but also disseminating relief with efficiency.

As our field teams reported on the bad conditions of roads and the problems of access, Mobilink decided to partner with the Armed Forces to transport goods to areas with limited access. These were the areas that relief was needed the most. However, given the spirit of volunteerism that runs through Mobilink, our Torchbearers were not satisfied with the simple act of donation. They took out weekends and accompanied members of the Armed Forces to flood hit areas for the distribution of Mobilink goods and spent hours in the field distributing critical relief items.

Mobilink volunteers went to areas in Sanghar and Mirpurkhas to distribute relief goods. On September 29th, a group of 25 Mobilink volunteers went to the village of Haji Muhmmad Ali Brohi, 17 km outside of Mirpurkhas city to distribute relief goods amongst 500 families. No international organizations had reached this area. Mobilink was informed of the extreme hunger in the area by local sales teams and franchisees who were familiar with the population. They helped identify 500 needy families and then after verification of their ID cards, they helped prepare lists of recipients that were used to distribute relief to those who needed it the most.

Encouraging employees to go beyond the act of donating money, Mobilink hopes to inculcate in its workforce a strong sense of civic responsibility and responsible citizenship. Mobilink will continue to leverage its business advantages to help inform and help with the uplift of local communities. Mobilink is committed to reshaping lives not just through the use of cellular technology but by putting into motion our strengths, our expertise and our human capital wherever it might be required for a worthy cause.