Aug 8 - 14, 2011

Undoubtedly, the goal of national progress and prosperity cannot be achieved without imparting latest education to the new generation.

Keeping in view this fact, PML-N led Punjab government is attaching top priority to education sector and apart from other initiatives, the provincial government is going to distribute 100,000 laptops among the high achievers and like IT labs, this revolutionary project of the Punjab government will also be completed in a transparent manner.

This program of the Punjab government will hopefully leave a far-reaching impact on education sector and provide an opportunity to the students to benefit from the latest technology in their academic pursuits and research.

A committee headed has also been formed to evolve a strategy in this regard while keeping in view all aspects of the project.

According to the Punjab Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif, Punjab government is attaching top priority to education sector and revolutionary measures have been taken for promotion of quality education as well as information technology in the province.

He said that the project of setting up IT labs in more than 4000 schools of the province had been completed transparently in a record time and now lakhs of boy and girl students from Attock to Rahim Yar Khan are benefiting from modern technology and gaining latest information about the changing world scenario and new inventions.

Similarly, he said, Punjab educational endowment fund has been set up first time in the country's history to help such talented students who are facing financial problems to continue their academic activities.

He said that scholarships are given from the fund not only to the students of Punjab but also of other provinces. He said that now a program has been evolved to distribute one lakh laptops among high achievers and this project will also be completed on the pattern of IT labs.

He said that not only the best companies have been selected for supply of laptops but these companies will also be responsible for their maintenance and after sale service. Issuing instructions for setting up a committee headed by chairman planning & development, the chief minister said that his performance had been commendable in the implementation of IT labs project and it is hoped that he would display the same spirit and complete this revolutionary program of Punjab government successfully.

According to him, the Punjab government is making heavy investment on this program, therefore, the committee should negotiate with the companies interested in the supply of laptops regarding their price and other matters and ensure that top quality laptops are purchased at reasonable rate.

He said that provision of laptops to talented students is a splendid program and will be completed expeditiously and in a transparent manner.

President Pakistan Muslim League-N and former Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif lauded the efforts of chief minister Punjab with regard to setting up Daanish Schools and other reforms in education sector and added that the budget allocated during his tenure is unprecedented.

He said that beside Daanish Schools, attention should also be paid to the standard of other educational institutions. He said that he would ask Shahbaz Sharif to also pay attention to the educational problems of blind and other special children.

Mr. Sharif said that he will make the future of the country bright with the help of youth and if there is a need of long march, he will not hesitate to launch it.

While addressing a function held in connection with International Youth Day in Lahore, Mr. Sharif said that his partnership with youth is need of the hour for resolution of problems.

He said that he is not disappointed with the future of Pakistan. He faced torture of imprisonment and exile. Even he was not allowed to attend the funeral of his father but he adhered to the principled politics. He said that despite this, if he has to do the politics of selfishness, greed and vested interest then it is better to quit politics.

He expressed the confidence that time will come when, like other sectors of the life, the discrimination of class based education system would be eliminated and equal opportunities of progress would be available to everyone.

Mentioning the economic policies and other development projects of his tenure, former prime minister said that at that time, our neighboring country India was following our policy for restoration of economy. Had our two governments given opportunity to complete the tenure and not toppled, Pakistan would have become an economic tiger today.

He said that load-shedding, unemployment, price hike, terrorism, and extremism are the gifts of dictatorship, which is not answerable to anyone but the government came into power through elections also did not delivered.

Bad and miss governance are spoiling the image of democracy, he added. He said that today some people are calling Pakistan as a failed and isolated state. Sovereignty of Pakistan is being destroyed and decisions and orders of the Supreme Court are not being obeyed.

He said that long march for restoration of judiciary was not a politics but it was for the rule of law in the country.

President Asif Ali Zardari and PM Gilani were not ready to restore the judiciary but it was due to the pressure of the people that judiciary was restored. He said that if we continued long march after restoration of judiciary, then it was a politics.

Nawaz Sharif said that we did not let the government of becoming Shaheed but gave full opportunity so that it should be completely exposed. He said that Muslim League-N is playing its due role in the assembly against the corruption and other anti-people policies of present government. If need be, we will not hesitate to take any political step, he added.

He said that if the youth are not satisfied with the present politics, then they should come forward and play their role. He said that the youth of 18 years has the right of vote and records of accomplishment of all the parties are before them. Their right decision can change the destiny of the country and the nation.