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Lal Qila "A Theme Restaurant" is the project of Omarson Group. Mr. Shaukat Ali Suleman is the Chief Executive of Lal Qila. Infused by his dream, he made his mind and stuck firm to his determination. He says "to build a restaurant was my dream and now I have translated it". Shaukat Ali Suleman has a vast experience in catering and food. Itís not only his business but a lifelong pursuit too. Food not only serves his body, but more to his soul! Today, Shaukat Ali Suleman plays a pivotal role in setting high guidelines for food served in Lal Qila. His personal interest keeps the menu at Lal Qila innovative and is meeting the high standards of guests.

When PAGE contacted him, he gave his views as follows.

Lal Qila was started in 28th May 1998 with a Mughal Traditional Theme. Lal Qila is not only a restaurant, but is a living chapter from the splendor of our rich heritage where magnificence blends with perfection and mysticism. Strong roots of past meets the magic of the present traditions.

Lal Qila Restaurant is a dramatic eye catching, exotic, contemporary restaurant that stands tall to reflect its own unique aura based on traditional social norms with a touch of folk cultural background and impression.

Lal Qila Restaurant design and construction is based on traditional architecture executed with minars, burj, jahroka, traditional geometrical and floral patterns on floors, walls and ceilings, glazed tile mosaic work, kashi work, red brick, marble jail, stone etching with carving and traditional copper cut work lamp shades, lanterns, waterfalls and 'Nahar'. All these features are glorious in their own selves and impressive elements giving the elegance and dignity of design restoration and rehabilitation.

Lal Qila Restaurant combines the legendary splendor of Mughal era with culinary eloquence of the modern times having reflection of our royal traditional hospitality. It offers a unique, calm, peaceful, pleasant and traditional environment, which helps to turn a normal dinner into a great royal and rich cultural dining experience. In the main courtyard, over 87 varieties of Pakistani, Chinese, Italian, South Asian and Continental, Sea Food, Bar B Q and other Appetizers and Desserts await to mesmerize your taste buds through a complete buffet system.

Construction & Decor, both external and internal, including the overall ambiance is culturally oriented with its roots in historically rich architecture (Sub-Continent, South Asian, and Pakistani) and unique style. The building design and construction, which is in bricks finish largely or specific material used to represent an outlook of forts and museums belonging to South Asia and subcontinent, especially Pakistan. The activity of decorative and local design house carts can also include giving a leisure ride to the customers around the premises before or after the meals, if they wish to. This can become a very attractive feature especially with the children and foreigners.

Cultural Food: This is the heart of the model where foods belonging to Pakistan (South Asian & subcontinent) are developed and presented in a pure cultural manner. This includes live cooking, South Asian dishes/sub-continental/Pakistani in various forms of grilled and meat, vegetables, curries, pulses, sweets of wide variety with delights like kulfi, shahi kheer and many more. Also included are naans and rotis in varieties and unique tastes. Old and traditional drinks like Lassi and one time popular but largely forgotten Mint and Coconut based liquid concoctions are also available.

Food Serving Style: This part again is in harmony with the construction, decor and cultural food. The waiters are dressed in traditional styles very much original and cultural. Also included is the concept of Shahi Darban narrating stories of Mughal era and entertaining the customers to the maximum in the environment, which is itself in heritage based.

International Certification: Lal Qila is one of the very rare ISO 9001 certified restaurants thus further adding values to the detail procedures and assurance of quality standards.

We plan to keep on adding more features and activities, which will help us, present our very rich culture and originality.

Lal Qila Private Limited: Lal Qila Private Limited company has been set in 2006 to promote and establish more branches of Lal Qila not only nationwide but worldwide.

Lal Qila Private Limited is a Franchising company that shall take Lal Qila around the globe through a proper franchising channel and system.

Lal Qila Food Private Limited is a company that shall take Lal Qila Export Products around the globe which includes Fried Onion, Pickle Range, Vermicelli, Pheni, Ginger & Garlic Paste, Rice and many more.

Lal Qila Franchise Agreement: Recently we have given franchise rights to Cupola International for Pakistan (except Karachi).

We have Launched Lal Qila Dubai Franchise under the supervision of Greek Group from 25th February 2011 at Jumeirah 1 in Dubai. You can join our Dubai Branch on facebook by adding LAL QILA - DUBAI. Franchise for UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, Egypt and for many other countries is open to take the Lal Qila name with its true and uniqueness to theses different countries.

In addition, the construction of Lal Qila Faisalabad (Franchise by Cupola Group) is in progress and will start operation in June 2011. We have Lal Qila Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Multan in pipeline which will come in operation within 1- 2years.

Lal Qila is at a stage to promote Lal Qila and its recipes including its unique and traditional building structure.

We are also providing delicious and quality recipes in different magazines including Food Line, Mr. Cook, Rasoi Ghar, Mano Salwa, E-Biz, Youth Magazine, Masala TV Magazine, HIGH Magazine, Super MOM, Mirch Masala and Bawerchi Khana etc. We have successfully launched Buffet Lunch, Buffet Sunday Brunch, Buffet Hi-Tea & Take Away, and Free Home Delivery (for all over in Karachi) at Lal Qila Restaurant. We have also introduced Lal Qila Shahi Cake, Maharaja Cake and many more.