Mar 21 - 27, 20

Lahore is a city of great dimensions, as it is unique in many respects including its faded elegance, busy streets and bazaars, and wide variety of Islamic and British architecture. The warm and receptive people of Lahore are known for their traditional hospitality.

Lahore is indeed the heart of Pakistan with its ever green gaiety. It's true and by the blessing of Allah if you go to any corner of the city you will find shops open for juices, milk, milk items, fruits, paan, cigarettes, fish, tikka, paratha, naan and for many items or foods.

Bearing many fascinating historical monuments, marvelous places, delicious and spicy typical foods, colorful culture and festivals, arts and crafts, green pleasant lawns and gardens, political and social activities, it's true to believe in Punjabi statement "Jinhay Lahore nahin waikhiya oh Jamiya hey nahin" (The person who didn't visit Lahore he is not born")

The traditional food of Lahore is found in the Walled City of Lahore, while the western and Chinese cuisines are generally found in the posh localities of Lahore Cantonment, Gulberg, Faisal Town, Township etc. M.M. Alam Road at Gulberg is centre of restaurants offering wide range of local, Chinese and other food items.

In the areas like Mozang, Bhatti Gate, Ichrra, Lohari Gate, there had been mushroom growth of food outlets. In these outlets, traditional breakfast of "Paye", "Nihari", "Channey" and "Halwa puri are available in the morning while in the evening, fish, barbeque and other items are available. These food outlets had not only created vast job opportunities but are also catering to the needs of people.

Lahore has full potential to fetch forex through promotion of tourism provided security situation is improved. The idea of establishing Food Streets outside the Walled City for the easy access to locals and tourists has already gained much popularity. The first food street was opened in an alley of Gawalmandi, near the famous Mayo Hospital on Nisbat Road. The idea was to bring out the old and traditional foods for all and sundry at one place.

Lahore is Pakistan's true food centre. The induction of quality Thai food has made it more cosmopolitan. Lahorittes have access not only to a large number of Pakistani dishes and Punjabi specialties, it has fast food restaurants, Western dishes, steak houses, pizzas, Japanese, Chinese, Lebanese, Afghani, Thai cooking and even Indian 'Thali' and 'Dossas.' The concentration of Western-styled restaurants on posh M.M. Alam Road can be called Lahore's 'Elite Food Street.'

Bundoo Khan of Karachi fame has opened outlets for his Paratha-Kabab dish, which maintains hygiene and good service, and is worth a visit.

Chinese cuisine continues to be Lahoritte's "second most popular food." There are two types of Chinese food connoisseurs. One likes a lot of variety in the same meal, the other orders fewer specialized dishes. Those who prefer variety should patronise the buffet at Taiwah, Yeefah and some other Chinese restaurants.

McDonalds and KFC continue to attract the largest number of Lahorittes, mostly youth and children. The initial curiosity of eating at McDonalds now seems to be disappearing and except at weekends, these outlets are looking out for customers.

Pizza Hut, particularly on M.M. Alam Road, has also maintained a good standard. The Defence Pizza Hut outlet has come up with an 'incentive' scheme which has made it quite popular and you cannot get a place easily there, any day of the week.

The real growth in recent years on the Lahore Food Scene is the opening of western food outlets of good standard. Credit for this goes to Mahmood Akbar for his 'Salt & Pepper' outlets. The real reason for their success is the maintenance of standards and reasonable prices. The outlets of Gourmet Restaurants are also liked by customers due to affordable prices.

Freddie's continues to be one of Lahore's elite's most popular haunts. Despite the large area, one often has to wait to get a place. The standard of food is maintained, servings are generous, while the service is attentive, prompt and courteous. Freddie's, besides Western dishes, also serves Afghani food. Shezan in Fortress has also maintained its standard over the years. It has efficient service and serves a very satisfying meal, not only Western but some Pakistani dishes also. Its Nans and Chicken Seekh Kabab are among the best in Lahore. Fujiama gives you the only choice of Japanese Food in Lahore. Lahorittes find it fascinating to eat Tippanyaki style of Japanese cooking and they are getting used to assorted Sushi and Raw fish, Tampura style of Japanese cooking etc. and enjoy eating these Japanese specialties with freshly made garlic rice with it.

The food outlets in Lahore vary with regard to quality as well as price range. With the passage of time, changes are being brought about.

In relatively less developed areas of City Food outlets mostly are in unorganized sector and there is room of fetching huge amount of tax by bringing them into tax net.