Nov 21 - 27, 20

Even after 64 years of independence, Pakistan has not been able to develop and manage human resource effectively. None of our organizations whether in the public or private sector has been able to deliver and achieve a certain degree of excellence.

The armed forces are a little bit organized in their specialized field and some of the multinational companies of international repute are using the international modern management tools.

It is observed that many companies in Pakistan do not take due care of preparing and implementing the duties and responsibilities. It is seen that dozen of personnel perform overlapping functions. As a result of this, it is noticed that less work is done at the proper time and the management process becomes more complicated.

The recruitment and selection procedure in the government organization is cumbersome and is based on favoritism and malpractices. In the private firm, it is better as the owner hires the person who is able to perform according to the set of rules.

The working environment in the government organization is not congenial as the rooms where staff works have no proper ventilation system. They do not have proper seating arrangement and there is always dust on the chairs and tables. The high-grade officers of the government are provided with comfortable rooms fully carpeted and well furnished. The provision of these facilities to the so called high class officers causes frustration among the lower staff.

No discipline is followed in observing the timing in government offices. A large part of the time is spent in gossiping with each other, indulging in back biting, and leg pulling. They sit late with their bosses and go home late and are very much pleased that they have done a lot of good work in the office.

Late night, they have dinner with their bosses at the prestigious clubs and in the early morning, they play golf with their bosses and are satisfied that they do more productive work and get promotion easily at the right time.

The annual confidential report prepared by the government department for each staff is just a formality and it is based on how the officer satisfies the boss rather than what he contributes to the actual work.

The poor junior officer is at the mercy of his boss and most of the time sidelined or considered as a deadwood.

In some of the multinational companies, the preparation of annual confidential report (ACR) is not a formality but there is the departmental head that strictly monitor the performance of each and every individual.

Government constant interference inhibits government organization improvement. Diversity and innovation is not encouraged in government organization by the bureaucrats. Bureaucrats only take their credit of work and have their own exposure to the government. Teamwork for the benefit of the nation is missing. Experts are not given the chance to work with devotion to work in their field.

Our education system is still based on old and outdated education system that was introduced by the Britishers who ruled the subcontinent for about three centuries. This education system needs revolutionary changes with introduction of theoretical education and practical training in schools, colleges, and universities.

We need dedicated people to meet the requirement of modern times. People with political affiliation should be discouraged to join government organization in order to have a good image of the government. Right people should be placed at the suitable job. All opportunities should be provided for better leadership and research facilities for better improvement of human resource development.

The finance of the government should be properly utilized for the improvement and benefit of the individuals. At this critical hour of crisis, we all have to work and work hard like the Chinese and Japanese. Effective utilization of the human resource is the need of the hour. Human resource asset is a God gifted and must be utilized fruitfully to the fullest extent come what may.

The issues should not arouse pessimism and dejections as they can be tackled by proper planning and better effective human resource management. Optimism should be there as we have massive human resources that need to be trained for social and economic betterment.