July 19 - 25, 20

Engro Corporation Limited is one of Pakistan's largest conglomerates with businesses ranging from fertilizers to power generation.

The Company, which was formerly Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited, converted into a holding company structure on January 1st 2010 in the interest of better managing businesses of its subsidiaries and affiliates. As part of this process, two major changes occurred with effect from January 1, 2010; Engro Chemical was renamed as Engro Corporation Limited and it demerged and transferred its fertilizer business into a separate wholly owned subsidiary, Engro Fertilizers Limited.

Currently Engro Corporation's portfolio consists of seven businesses, which are spread across Pakistan. These include chemical fertilizers (Daharki), PVC resin (Karachi), a bulk liquid chemical terminal (Karachi), industrial automation (Lahore), foods (Sukkur & Sahiwal), power generation (Qadirpur) and commodity trade (Karachi).

Besides providing a long term vision for the company and overseeing performance of the subsidiaries and affiliates, Engro Corporation Limited is responsible for the allocation of capital, management of talent, leadership development, HR guiding policies, leadership role in public relations and CSR activities, control structures, legal and IT support.

Engro's leadership comprises of some of the most enterprising leaders in the corporate world of Pakistan. These individuals are responsible for conceptualizing and articulating goals that bring our people together in pursuit of set objectives. They lead the Company with a firm commitment to our values and pursuit of excellence. Engro Corporation is headed by Hussain Dawood (Chairman) and Asad Umar (President).

From its inception as Esso Pakistan Fertilizer Limited in 1965 to Engro Corporation Limited in 2010, Engro has come a long way and will continue working towards its vision of becoming a premier Pakistani company with a global reach.



Engro Fertilizers Limited, a wholly owned Engro subsidiary, is a premier fertilizer manufacturing and marketing company with products that focus on balanced crop nutrition and increased yield. The company markets primary and secondary fertilizers like Engro Urea, Engro DAP, Engro Zorawar, Engro Zarkhez and Zingro. Engro Fertilizers has successfully developed a loyal customer base all across Pakistan, not only by providing farmers with quality fertilizers, but also through extensive market development activities. A premier brand and nationwide presence of the company ensures sellout production. Additionally, the company sells phosphate fertilizers for balanced fertility and improved farm yields. Engro's share of Pakistan's phosphates market mirrors or exceeds its urea market share. The Company's expansion plans include the world's largest single train urea complex, which is being set up with an estimated cost of US$ 1.05 billion, and is on track for completion by mid 2010.


Engro Foods Limited was officially launched as a fully owned subsidiary of Engro in 2004. Using dairy as a stepping stone to enter into the food business, the Company has established state-of-the-art processing units in Sukkur and Sahiwal, along with an ice cream production facility in Sahiwal. Top quality brands like Olper's, Olwell, Tarang, Omore and Owsum have been successfully launched under the helm of the Company's dairy products division. To support these brands and their highest standards of quality, Engro Foods has invested heavily in milk processing and a milk collection infrastructure. Engro Foods now plans to venture beyond the dairy sector into grain and fruit markets which have been analyzed by management in great detail. Engro Foods' vision is "Elevating Consumer Delight Worldwide" and the Company aims to generate a significant portion of its revenue from foreign operations in the future.


Engro Polymer & Chemicals Limited, an Engro subsidiary, is Pakistan's leading manufacturer and marketer of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin, with an annual PVC production of 150,000 tons. The Company markets its products under the brand name of SABZ. Following recent expansion, the Company now has an integrated facility with the capability to manufacture EDC, VCM, chlorine and caustic soda. The Company is the sole producer of PVC resin, and as a result plays a pivotal role in ensuring the sustainability of the domestic PVC industry. In addition it provides support through the provision of quality products and technical services. Furthermore, it invests in developing new products and markets; as a part of market development it is looking to set up a complete business line for the construction industry by promoting PVC based doors and windows.


Engro Powergen was incorporated in 2008, as a fully owned subsidiary, to develop power projects in Pakistan so as to help reduce the power shortage in the country and earn a competitive return for shareholders. The Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company Limited (SECMC) is a joint venture between the Government of Sindh and Engro Powergen, to mine coal from Thar Block II. Although the project is in its early stages of technical and economic feasibility assessments, the Company aims to utilize the ample reserves of coal in Thar Desert for power generation. Engro Powergen seeks to reduce Pakistan's power shortage through exploring and implementing cleaner, efficient and economic methods of power generation. In this pursuit wind, hydro and solar power projects are being actively assessed as alternative energy options for Pakistan. Another Engro Corporation subsidiary, Engro Energy Limited, has established a 220 MW power plant in Qadirpur. Engro's first Independent Power Project (IPP), it began commercial generation in March 2010, utilizing permeate gas currently being flared from the Qadirpur gas field thus helping reduce carbon emissions. This power plant is one of the first 'green' power plants in the country.


Engro EXIMP Private Limited, established in 2003, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Engro Corporation Limited. The Company trades in commodity fertilizers such as DAP, MAP, MOP and SOP, and micro-nutrients like Zinc Sulphate. It supplies these fertilizers as raw materials to Engro Fertilizer's Zarkhez plant for manufacturing blended compound fertilizers. In addition, the Company also directly markets them locally. Engro EXIMP has been the largest importer of phosphates and potash fertilizers in Pakistan over the last five years. It has also recently expanded into regional trade of fertilizers. With a vision to expand into new and profitable trading avenues, Engro EXIMP has established a fast growing basmati rice trading business. The Company will procure high quality basmati paddy from farmers and export finished basmati rice to B2B customers across the world. As part of this initiative, Engro is setting up a large and state-of-the-art rice processing mill in the heart of the basmati growing area in Pakistan. The mill is expected to begin commercial operation by late 2010.


A breakthrough in chemical and LPG storage, Engro Vopak Terminal Limited, is a joint venture of Royal Vopak of the Netherlands and Engro. It has been providing world class services to the growing chemical and petrochemical industry of Pakistan. The Company offers storage and handling solutions for liquid and gaseous chemicals, oil products, petrochemicals, bio-fuels, vegetable oils and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Engro Vopak maintains safety and quality as per international standards of OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, 14001, CDI-T (THA) and ISPS. With successful commissioning of Pakistan's first cryogenic import facility for Ethylene, Engro Vopak has achieved yet another landmark in the terminal industry of Pakistan. Engro Vopak's growth is fueled by its passion for excellence and we are currently pursuing investment opportunities in the energy sector of Pakistan.


Avanceon Limited, an Engro subsidiary, is a leading global automation business, providing process and control solutions, with subsidiaries operating in UAE and the United States. The Company also offers power and energy management integrated solutions, as well as high end software that integrate production and business applications. Avanceon's driving force is its vision to develop intellectual property to optimize the energy foot print of the manufacturing industry.


In addition to growing our business in a profitable, ethical and sustainable way, we are committed to investing in host communities, as well as to mitigate our environmental footprint. As responsible corporate citizens, we continue to strive towards integrating sustainability into our business.

These initiatives are driven by Engro Foundation, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) wing of Engro, which is committed to the growth of sustainable societies where people have access to choices and opportunities for development.

Engro Foundation's major social investments are in education, health, water & sanitation, and other welfare activities, which are primarily driven by employee volunteerism. The Foundation's main geographical areas of focus are in the communities around our manufacturing sites and supply chains.

The Foundation serves as a single platform for community engagement activities and social investments by Engro affiliates. By pooling their financial and managerial resources under the Foundation, Engro affiliates seek to create a large scale social impact.

Engro supports a range of partnerships with Government, nonprofit organizations, and other industry players, to enhance the scale of our investments and ensure sustainability of our initiatives. We also have employee giving and volunteering programmes to support our employees' efforts in their own communities.