Apr 12 - 18, 2010

InfoTech, a leading Systems Integration and IT Infrastructure company has announced the formation of a strategic alliance with APC by Schneider Electric.

The alliance will enable InfoTech to deliver an integrated portfolio of Power Protection and Data Center Network Critical Physical Infrastructure (NCPI) solutions. This investment addresses the needs of data centers which reduce the downtime, data loss and power uncertainty.

Anticipating the demand for efficient power-related solutions, InfoTech strategically formed an alliance with APC, combining strengths of both companies.

APC, known for Legendary Reliability, sets the standard for quality, innovation and support for power protection solutions. Its comprehensive solutions are designed for both home and corporate environments, improving manageability, availability and performance of sensitive electronic, network, communication and industrial equipment of all sizes.

APC's infrastructure is on-demand architecture for NCPI and services that allow the selection of standardized, modular components to create a customized solution. This patent-pending approach provides increased availability, improved adaptability, more rapid speed of deployment and an overall lower Total Cost of Ownership for IT environments.

"The growing concern of protecting data with highly resilient, energy efficient technology for simplifying the work of running a data center is the driving force behind signing partnership with APC," said Naseer Akhtar, President & CEO of InfoTech. "Together with APC, we hope to extend the benefits of these integrated solutions to our customers, making them even more IT-efficient businesses."

Coupled with InfoTech's industry accreditation and established good will, this partnership means an extension on the company's solutions portfolio. These solutions will allow Data Center managers to view and manage physical infrastructure including power, cooling, physical space, security as well as comprehensive view of equipment health.

"InfoTech is a great addition to APC in the region. APC believes that InfoTech's data center solutions delivery capabilities are a perfect fit for delivering APC's promise of comprehensive network-critical physical infrastructure (NCPI)," Said Munib Khawaja, Country Manager APC.

Data volumes proportional to increasing density bring enormous challenges of retrofitting more in existing infrastructure. This requires innovation in balancing the Data Center Power, Cooling and Density equation. Yet alone, it does not address the complexity of issues involved. With APC's support, InfoTech will be able to address all these problems while increasing operational agility and reducing total cost of ownership.