Apr 5 - 11, 2010

The Moody International Group is a worldwide technical services organisation dedicated to reducing clients' risks by providing technical inspection services, technical staffing services, consulting and training on a global basis and management system certification on a local basis.

Moody provides services to clients in the Oil & Gas, Power, Mining, Construction, Engineering, Chemical, Food and other industries.

Today, Moody International operates from more than 80 offices in over 60 countries. The company provides clients with wide-ranging expertise and access to thousands of skilled specialists worldwide, bringing clients integrated solutions to ensure quality adherence within the supply chain. Moody is one of the larger specialists staffing, outsourcing and training organisations in engineering and technical services. The company has staffed some of the most demanding projects worldwide.

Rashid Mehr is the Chief Executive Officer of Moody International in Pakistan. He is the youngest country manager any multinational company could ever hire. Rashid Mehr was only 25 year old when he joined the World famous Moody International, a top Certification & Inspection Specialist Company.

In the year 1997, the concept of standardization and quality was fairly new to the industry in Pakistan and people had no concept of certification against international quality and environmental standards. Rashid Mehr was given the most daunting job to develop the Pakistani market for certification business for Moody International. He worked devotedly and developed from virtually zero client to 1500 corporate clients in Pakistan. He not only benefited Moody International but also was highly instrumental in highlighting the need to the industry in Faisalabad, Sialkot, Multan, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Peshawar and worked closely with all the trade bodies in spreading the awareness.

Rashid Mehr held seminars, press conferences and training programs for the people and industry at large and was able to convince that the only way forward for the industry is standardization/quality. In 1997, the total annual exports of Pakistan were around 8 billion dollars and today it stands at around 20 billion dollars plus.

He worked closely with the oil & gas exploration companies in Pakistan and was able to address their Quality Control & Quality Assurance and Healthy, Safety & Environment needs.

In an interview, CEO Moody International Rashid Mehr said, "Pakistan and Turkey want to increase bilateral annual trade from $740 million to $2 billion by 2012 and the Punjab Board of Investment and Trade is playing an proactive role in realisation of this reasonable objective."

Rashid Mehr said that a team of top Turkish CEOs has come with Turkish President Abdullah Gul to Lahore for exploring the market opportunities in Punjab, which relatively has better administrative, political and economic reforms.

He said the aim of the CEOs' conference between Turkish and Pakistani counterparts, is to enhance the present bilateral trade to $2 billion by 2012. The sectors emphasis on low cost housing, energy and power generation, agriculture and pressurized irrigation system with focus on value added sectors like pharmaceuticals and chemicals, information technology, jewellery and gem stones.

Pakistan, which is the 6th largest country by population and proved to have sufficient natural resources and mammoth workforce is now in focus by no other than our close ally and friend Turkey, which views economic growth as the only way forward for Pakistan in order to alleviate poverty and the menace of terrorism, he added.

It is pertinent to mention that to further facilitate the Turkish businessmen delegation the above sectors are well represented by Rashid Mehr acting as Chief Coordinator Energy and Power Generation, Shahzad Malik CEO Guard Rice representing Agriculture and Pressurised Irrigation system, Saleem Ghauri CEO Netsol acting as Chief Coordinator for Information and Technology, Yawar Irfan CEO Ifran Textile acting as chief coordinator for textiles. The sector coordinators are top Pakistani professionals and CEOs of large organisations who have volunteered to act as coordinators to assist and tempt Turkish interest in various sectors of the industry especially in Punjab.

Addressing a forum of the heads of leading business organizations of Turkey and Pakistan at a local hotel, Turkish President Abdullah Gul said that Pakistan and Turkey have deep-rooted relations and there is a need for cooperation between the two countries in infrastructure and energy sectors. He said that Pakistan and Turkey will have to make every effort for increasing their trade and the business community of the two countries will have to play an active role for this purpose. He said that the launching of cargo train service between the two countries would help in the promotion of mutual trade, which can be increased manifold.

The Vice Chairman Punjab Investment Board Pir Saad Ahsanuddin presented the address of welcome and identified investment opportunities in Punjab. An agreement was signed on this occasion regarding Punjab-Turk Economic Zone.

Punjab Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said on the occasion that relations between Turkey and Pakistan are based on centuries' old common religion, culture and civilization and the people of both the countries are bound together in deep-rooted ties of selfless love, brotherhood and sincerity. He said that Pak-Turk friendship is a spirit which words cannot encompass. However, he said, there is a need for translating these brotherly and fraternal relations into trade and economic ties between the two countries. The Chief Minister while welcoming the distinguished guests led by Turk President Abdullah Gul said that the visit of the Turk President and his delegation to Lahore is an extraordinary and memorable event. He said that relations between Turkey and Pakistan go beyond the geographical and material limits and their friendship has stood the test of time. He said that government and people of Turkey have always supported Pakistan in the hour of need and Turkey made the largest financial contribution for the relief of the victims of earthquake in Pakistan. He said that Turkey was among the first few countries, which recognized Pakistan after its creation in 1947. He further said that the people of the two countries have a unanimous stance on a number of international issues.

Referring to his recent visit to Turkey, the Chief Minister said that he saw various demonstrations of love and affection of the people of Turkey for their Pakistani brethren and the hospitality shown by the Turk government and people to the visiting delegation from Pakistan was memorable. He said that the rapid progress made by Turkey in economic sector is enviable and there is a need for Pakistan to take benefit from this potential through increasing trade relations with Turkey. He said that it is a matter of satisfaction that a large trade delegation is also accompanying the Turk President, which will result in providing a strong economic base to bilateral relations. He said that Punjab government is setting up a special industrial zone for Turk investors in Faisalabad Industrial City and 225 acres of land has been allocated for this purpose which will be given to Turk investors free of cost. He said that though it is true that the recent incidents of terrorism have adversely affected industrial and economic activities, however, a favourable atmosphere for investment still exists in Punjab. He said that Pakistan is not the only country, which is facing terrorism. He said that Turkey has also encountered this problem for a number of years but the Turk nation succeeded in dealing with this challenge with courage and determination. He said that Pakistan would also be able to overcome this menace in near future.

The Chief Minister appreciated the fact that the Mayor of Istanbul will help in solid waste management in Lahore. He said that the arrival of Turk businessmen under the leadership of President Abdullah Gul to Lahore would help in strengthening the existing friendly ties between Turkey and Pakistan especially Punjab. He also thanked the Turk delegation for giving opportunity to the people of Lahore for hosting them in the spring season. He said that the arrival of Turk delegation to Lahore has added colour and fragrance to the season and the memories of this visit will always remain fresh in the memories of the people of Lahore.