Mar 15 - 21, 2010

Etihad Airways, the National Airline of United Arab Emirates, has been supporting sport initiatives of various kinds since its inception six years ago. Over the years Etihad has taken it upon itself to promote various sports throughout their network.

Etihad Airways supports the annual Abu Dhabi Golf Tournament and extends the same enthusiasm in supporting golf in other countries such as Pakistan as well. For two years consecutively Etihad Airways has held golf tournaments for enthusiasts based in Karachi and Islamabad with their annual golf tournament. Etihad Airways has also been hosting various golf clinics with pro-golfer Sultan Mahmood in Pakistan. 2010 sees Etihad Pakistan's affiliation with this sport going to the next level with many more exciting offers and events in the pipeline

In addition Etihad Airways supports various local sporting events in Pakistan as charity such as the recently held OGS Softball Tournament where the proceeds from the tournament went to raising money for less fortunate students. Volleyball is another local sponsorship Etihad partook in collaboration with The Citizen's Archive of Pakistan (CAP) to raise money to save the heritage of Karachi.

While talking about Etihad's focus on sports Amer N. Khan, Country Manager Etihad Airways Pakistan said, "As a global, innovative and young airline with a fresh approach to everything we do, we associate ourselves with a large number of events and causes that reflect our own position as a catalyst for change.

"We support the promotion of local culture in the UAE and worldwide, and sponsor cultural and sporting events that are consistent with our values of hospitality, team spirit and helping to bring the world together and what better way to do that than to support the universal bond of sports throughout our network!"

Etihad's most recent international sports venture was the first ever Grand Prix race held in Abu Dhabi at the state-of-the-art Yas Marina Circuit. Etihad Airways went hand in hand with Abu Dhabi for the construction of the Yas Circuit and sponsored the final Grand Prix race of 2009. Etihad Airways is also scheduled to sponsor the Grand Prix in 2010 and 2011.

Within the United Kingdom, Etihad Airways supports the world renowned football league; Chelsea as their official airline. And most recently Etihad has also taken to sponsoring the local Manchester F.C. and the Etihad Airways brand logo now appears on Manchester City shirts. In addition to appearing on the world-famous sky blue shirt, the deal sees the Etihad Airways' logo and branding at the City of Manchester Stadium.

In October 2008 Etihad Airways rebranded the Docklands Stadium in Melbourne (previously known as the Telstra Dome) and it is now known as the Etihad Stadium.

Etihad Airways continues its support for sports in Pakistan as well as around the world. We are sure to see many more upcoming sporting events by Etihad Airways in the years to come.