SHABBIR H. KAZMI (feedback@pgeconomist.com)
Feb 8 - 14, 2010

Target killing of more than three dozen people in less than a week in Karachi was not considered enough by the miscreants. They chose to kill more on Chellum Day by targeting a bus full of mourners with bomb and on the same day hours later also blasting a bomb in emergency ward of Jinnah Hospital. The objectives were apparently to inflict maximum deaths and to once again cause loss to the property.

The bombing spots were far away from the main procession obviously to distract the attention of law enforcement agencies and also to instigate the participants of main procession to go unruly. These attacks were continuation of the Ashura carnage. The stage and actors were different but more skilled and ruthless. Though, no untoward incident took place in the effect, yet three day mourning would certainly impact the economic activities of the country. This is exactly what the enemies of Pakistan want.

Many Pakistanis are unable to understand the reasons for the war being fought within country's boarders and also massive escalation in suicidal attacks and targeted killing particularly in Karachi. The military operation in the northern has increased expenses manifold and suicidal attacks are impairing economic activities in the country. The latest and the worst fallout is that three major ethnic groups are now at daggers drawn in Karachi, the hub of Pakistan's economy. Cracks also seem to be appearing in the coalition and certain elements are busy in 'economic assassination' to have assassinated thousands of innocent people.

In the northern area army has initiated assault against foreign miscreants and people from both the sides are being killed in the ongoing war. However, innocent people are being killed in suicidal attacks and targeted killings create rift among different ethnic and sectarian groups. The aftermath of killing of 12-year-old Shazia Masih in Lahore turned out to be more dangerous because certain quarters tried to propagate impending Muslim-Christian conflict.

No one can deny that at present Pakistan is the worst victim of 'war on terror' because now its army is busy in weeding out foreign militants from its land, who want to take revenge for Pakistan's joining the US and allied forces.

Afghan Taliban, once supported by the US and Pakistan, have been termed 'worst enemy' for harboring Al Qaeda militants. Both the Afghan Taliban and Al Qaeda can be termed as offshoots of the US intelligence's pandering of militants to create mess as and when desired in the region. The US justified an attack on Iraq by alleging its involvement in developing weapons of mass destruction and assault on Afghanistan for presence of Osama, but has achieved nothing except killing hundreds and thousands of people in the two countries.

The CIA is now working with Indian and Israeli intelligentsia in Pakistan to create a justification for the presence of its troops in Pakistan. The rationalization can be termed diabolic thinking by many but deeper probe proves the point. India is encouraged by the US to play a major role in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of Nato forces. This is part of the US policy to bring India closer to the Chinese border. Similarly, Indian and Israeli intelligence are trying to get some operational grounds in Balochistan to get close to Iran, before imposing war on it. Iran has accused a militant outfit operating from Balochistan for carrying out terrorist activities in its country. The name of this group was linked with Ashura as well as Chellum pogroms.

Ironically, goods looted from Boltan Market and other commercial building were recovered from Lyari and some people were also rounded up from the locality but all of them were released on the intervention by leaders of a political party. Though, the charges have been framed against the members of a religious faction for burning the commercial buildings and markets, yet the peaceful reaction following Chellum incident inexorably militates against such charges. This shows that miscreants have entered the city, want to disrupt economic activities and wreak maximum damages.

Certain localities of Karachi have become the ideal hideouts for the terrorists because of their admixing in the local population. Most probably the time has come to weed out undesirable elements from the city. The first target should be the drug traffickers and the weapon suppliers, providing safe heavens to the mercenaries. Incidentally these people move to and from Afghanistan.

The rulers of this country must wake up and also open their eyes. It is no secret that intelligence agencies of the US, Israel and India have embedded their agents in our society. They are operating from educational institution, and are occupying mosques as religious clerics. They mostly focus the young generation for brain washing to prepare them ultimately for attacking law enforcement personnel, educational institutions and places of worship.

Their sole motive is to weaken Pakistan. They have tested this plan in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now are doing the same in Pakistan.

Iran has withstood the US pressure only because of unity. Though, efforts are being made to develop cracks there, Pakistan is an ideal prey because the nation is already divided into linguistic, ethnic and sectarian groups. Pakistan has withstood economic sanctions after the nuclear test but now dollars are given to buy out loyalties to achieve the ultimate objectives of weakening the economy of the sole atomic power of the Muslim Ummahs.


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IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, has signed an agreement with the Aga Khan Foundation (Pakistan), an agency of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), to support the growth of small and medium organizations (SMOs) and businesses in Pakistan by training and skill building of businessmen and women in the country.

IFC and AKF (P) partner to offer IFC's business edge management training product to Pakistani SMOs and entrepreneurs seeking to grow their businesses.

IFC will train 20 business edge trainers to be selected by AKF (P). These trainers will then deliver business edge training to small and medium enterprises at workshops to be held between July and November 2010 in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral. For more information about business edge visit at: www.businessedge-me.com.

Al-Nashir Jamal, AKF(P)'s CEO said: "The training will not only benefit the organizations but also the individuals employed by these small and medium organizations. This partnership with IFC will help fill a gap in management training in Pakistan, helping social entrepreneurs gain the skills they need to grow."

Khawar Ansari, IFC's business edge country coordinator said: "Small and medium enterprises are catalysts for growth and employment generation. By expanding the reach of our program in Pakistan, we will provide a greater number of smaller businesses with the training they need to grow and create jobs."

This partnership builds on a long-standing relationship between IFC and the AKDN around the world and in the Middle East and North Africa. IFC and AKDN previously collaborated to create the First Microfinance Bank of Pakistan and the First Microfinance Bank of Afghanistan. Both organizations work towards creating opportunities for people to escape poverty and improve their lives.

IFC's Business Edge is delivered by selected local training partners and certified local trainers, and sets a new standard for business training in developing countries.

It was rolled out in the Middle East and North Africa region in 2004 and is available in Afghanistan, Egypt, Pakistan, and Yemen, and in other IFC regions including Latin America and the Caribbean and Sub-Saharan Africa.