Nov 8 - 14, 20

Adamjee Automotive (Pvt.) Limited - a part of Adamjee Group, was established in 1976 as an Associated Undertaking of Adamjee Diesel Engineering Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.( - a part of Adamjee Group) . Establishment of the Company is the result of deep insight and foresight of the Founders in the diesel generation and automobile sector of the country. Thus, the main focus of the Company remains to supply quality spare parts to the market as well as the end user.

Adamjee Group - one of the largest business groups in Pakistan, specializes in providing Diesel/ Gas/ Petrol power generation equipment supported by prompt and efficient after sales service .The Group is in business since 1962.

Adamjee Diesel Engineering Pakistan (Private) Limited - (ADEPL) formerly known as Adamjee Deutz (Pakistan) Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1962 as a joint venture between Adamjee Group and Kloeckner Humboldt Deutz AG (KHD) Koeln of Germany for assembly/ manufacture of Deutz tractors and service of Deutz powered equipment. In 1972 , however, Adamjee Diesel Engineering Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited (ADEPL) started functioning independently with a focus on indenting, sales and service of existing client base plus promotion of new Deutz powered equipment.

Adamjee Automotive - specifically established with an objective to cater to the needs of automobile sector, has taken up the task to fill up the gap in the spare parts supply and service sector since the year 2000. In this line, the Company represents Robert BOSCH GmBH, Germany, Holset Turbochargers, UK and Garret Turbochargers, UK. However, BOSCH - the worlds 2nd largest spare parts manufacturer and supplier, provides the main supply line for Adamjee Automotive (Pvt.) Limited. The Company has also its full-fledged offices in Islamabad and Lahore situated respectively at # House No:341, Street No.16,Chaklala Scheme 3,Rawalpindi, 65_H, Gulberg III, Lahore.

In line with its core business, Adamjee Automotive (Pvt.) Limited has been satisfying the needs of the ever demanding market. Be it a European made personal Car or a Commercial Vehicle OR a Japanese vehicle in either category, Adamjee Automotive has been the main source of supply in the quality auto parts sector.

In addition as also in the quest to perfection and satisfaction of the customers' needs, the Company now also represents Zexel, Japan - recently acquired by BOSCH. Zexel (now BOSCH Automotives Systems Corporation, Japan) also deals in manufacture and supply of automotive parts mainly the Diesel Pump parts for Japanese Commercial Vehicles.


The secret of success of Adamjee Automotive lies in acquiring the services of qualified human resource as also grooming thereof through a process of on-the-job training- both within and outside the country. Youthful, energetic and enterprising staff provides with new ideas that become source of motivation at the Company. Similarly, the existing manpower of the Company, comprising the Marketing and Sales professionals, has been mainly responsible for the growth and expansion. As a result, the Company has always been in a process of expansion and growth. Hiring more professionals, particularly the youth, is a bid to cope up with the challenges in the market to balance the demand and supply gap in the days to come. The fresh entrants will be duly trained before they are fielded in the market place.


Market research and an insight into the customers' needs vis-a-vis the technological advancement has been the motivation force at Adamjee Automotive. It is evident from the quality standards that the Company has been providing quality service to the valued customers including the end-users. However, with a vision that the future car will be technologically more advanced and sophisticated thus complicated. The Company has short term as well as long term plans in its quest to set-up quality standards as well as cope up with the challenges of the future. In this direction, the Company has planned to set up BOSCH Car Diagnostic Center. The Center will be providing state-of-the-art facilities particularly to the quality conscious customers. The facility will be soon available mainly in the major cities of the Country.


In line with its customer care program, The Company has set up Diesel Test Bench Centers in Karachi as well as Lahore. The Centers, manned with professionally trained experts in this field, provide Diagnostic and Quality Service facilities to the customers. These Centers are respectively situated at S-36, S.I.T.E, Karachi and 65-H Gulberg-III, Lahore. More such Centers will be made operative in some other parts of the country specially in the major cities of the country in the days to come.