Oct 25 - 31, 20

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows
(Sydney J. Harris).

The quality of education can determine the future of students, the economy, and the society. Education is backbone for nation. The task of nation building can be achieved only through proper and adequate educational system. Education provides the enlightened path to glory and success. It really opens the doors of opportunity and choices by shunning the darkness of ignorance. Education makes man, a successful and responsible member of society; in return, the society itself becomes developed due to presence and actions of truly educated people.

Education at higher level requires special attention and monitoring for maximum utilisation and application of years of education in life. This level of higher education is in fact a turning point in the life of students who are after few years ready to enter the practical world and apply all the theories and concepts learnt throughout 14 or 16 years of arduous education. Therefore, the students of higher education must be given special treatment, facilities, and learning environment.

The students of backward areas or financially poor family who due to any reason cannot access higher education, should not be deprived of chance to education. They need rather extensive moral and hearty supports. We must strive to provide them awareness and motivation to pursue their higher studies.

Sukkur IBA, a reputed business and IT institute, in collaboration with Sindh government, has started talent hunt program for financially backward and flood-affected students of Sindh. This includes free education and boarding etc. for five months foundation semester. The qualifying students of this semester will be promoted to regular, four years programs of BBA, BS (CS), and BS (Telecom).

In order to create awareness among and generate more and more response from the students of district Shikarpur and its surroundings, Akber Foundation has set up admission office for collection and submission of forms in Shikarpur. The purpose is to provide every possible facility and ease to the students at their doorsteps to apply for the free program. The volunteers of Akber Foundation are dedicatedly working 9 to 5 in admission office to facilitate students. The students feel happy to have easy and quick access to admission process of the program. All queries and confusions are solved in the admission office. They do not have to take trouble of traveling to Sukkur in order to get information of the program or get their admission forms and submission. Candidates are also provided with admit cards in the admission camp. They just have to appear in aptitude test.

"Only applying for the test is not enough, but to prepare well is much important to qualify the test," told President of Akber Foundation, Mansoor Shahzado Soomro to this scribe. "We are offering free entry test preparation classes for the students of district Shikarpur and its surroundings to guide students in preparing for the test and young volunteers of Akber Foundation are rendering their services as instructors."

"Akber Foundation is a platform formed by the youth of Shikarpur for the welfare and betterment of society. We strive to make difference in lives by providing possible assistance in the sectors of education, health and career counseling," said Vice President of Akber Foundation, Imran Akber Soomro.

Akber Foundation is working for the development of youth. It believes in empowerment of youngsters for the development of society. It has started its mission from educational campaign. It plans to provide basic health services to the people of rural areas. The members and volunteers of Akber Foundation mostly the youngsters are enthusiastic and ambitious to work for change and difference in lives. Akber Foundation aims to create awareness among masses and provide opportunities to the people, specially the youth, to explore and exploit their talents.