Oct 18 - 24, 20

Access to quality education in rural Sindh is quite scanty and far-fetched. Quality education in Urban Sindh is expensive and faraway. Many parents cannot afford to send their children to Karachi or Lahore. In fact more than 80% of the parents are not able to send their children to good quality institutions in urban centers. Only the rich people or senior bureaucrats are in a position to get their children admitted in good institutions.

In the province of Sindh except Karachi, there is hardly any institution whose graduates are absorbed in the market in large numbers. The unemployment rate in interior of Sindh is alarming. This has given birth to many social, ethnic and economic problems in Sindh. If we look at the job market and analyze, it would transpire that 90% of the job-market is in the private sector and 10% in Government sector (i.e. public sector). Majority of graduates in interior Sindh posses low academic standards, therefore private sector is simply unable to provide them jobs.

This situation has aggravated twin problems in the province of Sindh i.e.: (I) Unemployment (II) Widening of the gap between urban and rural.

Realizing the above problem, some well-meaning people in Sukkur thought about this and came up with the idea of establishing Sukkur IBA as "Center of Excellence".

Sukkur IBA started its journey in 1995 as a Business School, initially affiliated to prestigious IBA Karachi. Sukkur IBA got its own charter as public sector degree awarding Institute in year 2006. Now by the grace of Almighty Allah Sukkur IBA has very beautiful building, International Standards Infrastructure, unparalleled in the entire province of Sindh.

Sukkur IBA has recently taken new steps towards becoming center of excellence, which are;

Membership of The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

AACSB International accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide. Institutions that earn accreditation confirm their commitment to quality and continuous improvement through a rigorous and comprehensive peer review.

Sukkur IBA being member of this well reputed international body re-affirms it's striving for Quality, Merit and Excellence.


Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) is to improve the student learning experience through identifying specific areas for development. QEC encourages academic, support staff, and students collectively to share current good practices and to generate ideas and models for innovation in learning and teaching. The work of the Quality Enhancement Cell is planned and directed by the Quality Assurance Agency, Higher Education Commission (QAA-HEC) Pakistan.


To strengthen the education system at primary, secondary and higher level, Sukkur IBA has established a unique Community college in khairpur, where with the concentrated efforts and support of highly qualified faculty, Quality of education will be enhanced as per international standards.


In order to reduce the gap between Industry and academia, career Development Centre is established to provide career related services to students and Corporate Organizations.

With the collaboration and sound relationship of major industry partners, Sukkur IBA has been successful in placing students for the Right jobs, internships and work-study programs.


This is very popular program of Sukkur IBA. The students coming from rural area suffer from academic deficiencies. Generally they are weak in English, Maths and Computer. Such students are put in Foundation Course for 05 to 10 months, after which they are admitted in regular program. This has proved to be affective remedial tool and has improved quality of education.

Our vision is not only to excel in Business education and I.T but also in Agri-Business, Human Resource Development, and Capacity Building of Teachers.

In Short we are determined to be "World-Class-Center of Excellence".