Oct 4 - 10, 20

From the awe inspiring heights of the Karakorum to the dark blue depths of the Arabian Sea, the mighty Indus has charted a timeless course that has spawned many a civilisation through the ages. Even as the waters of the Indus have sustained life, they have on occasion brought down upon its countless dependents the wrath of Nature. Never before in living memory has the wrath of Nature been evoked in such comprehensive fashion.

TCS has scrambled its forces and plunged into the rescue and relief operation for the flood affectees. Keeping its own operations functional in disaster hit areas has been a 'mission impossible' that has enabled TCS people to discover reserves of strength within them.


It is as yet too early in the day to start counting individual contributions to the flood relief effort. The battle has just begun, and the flood waters have spawned other life threatening situations in the health care department. Then there are issues relating to rehabilitation that will carry on for a very long time to come. So far the main focus at TCS has been to keep its operations in a high state of functionality throughout its nationwide network.

Express logistics is the name of the game at TCS, and express logistics is what the situation demands. In addition to delivering critical supplies throughout the country, TCS is partnering with Geo, ARY and AAJ television channels in their efforts to mobilise the nation, and indeed the international community, in providing relief to the flood affectees. TCS couriers are undertaking the physical collection of cheques pledged by people on television.

Within TCS 6000 plus professionals are engaged in fundraising through an organized and concerted process wherein the TCS management has designated all its functionaries as flood relief workers and tasked them to raise a minimum of 2000 rupees each.

It would not be melodramatic to say that Pakistan is in the fight of its life. It is not for the first time that we find ourselves in a tight corner in the Pakistani nation's short life. In times of crisis like these we cannot, indeed must not, allow ourselves to despair and be overwhelmed. We must not succumb to circumstances. At TCS we believe that if the circumstances are not to our liking then we must go out and change them for the better. Pakistan Paindabad.

"People of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things". (Leonardo da Vinci)