Sep 27 - Oct 3, 20

All natural calamities are capable of leaving destruction in their wake. The floods that hit Pakistan in the last week of July 2010 were no different. The devastation was resonated all over the country, rendering many homeless, depriving several people of means of livelihood, and leaving people with pain and sorrow.

Around 78 districts have been hit affecting 200 million people residing in these areas. 1.9 million homes were swept away by the torrential floods that took lives of over 1,800 people. The dairy economy lost a huge number of animals, with estimates showing that more than 274,334 livestock have also been victims to the floods and 14,325, 688 animals have been affected.

Engro decided to take on the challenge to help those who needed stability. A task force was created of Engro employees who worked through Engro Foundation and Engro Envison for raising funds and volunteering themselves to facilitate the displaced. Recognising the complexity and vastness of this challenge, Engro partnered with a number of organisations including Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) with whom Engro signed a MoU to raise Rs200 million for the flood affectees. Other partner organisations included Sindh Rural Support Organisation (SRSO), the Army, Hands and Farmer Development Organisation (FDO) to achieve the common goal of providing support and aid to the displaced.

The lead for the flood effort was taken by Jiwan Das, Director Engro Foundation who was working in the affected areas as soon as flood waters started reaching the communities that surround Engro facilities in Sindh. From Sukkur to Ghotki, from Multan to Bahwalpur and Thatta, Jiwan has been commuting and corresponding with international aid agencies, local NGOs and affected communities to set up relief and rehabilitation efforts that have benefited thousands of flood victims.

Dairy is the leading sub-sector of Pakistan's agricultural sector with a contribution of around 25 per cent toward national economy. The dairy industry, directly or indirectly employs 30-35 million people (30 per cent of the rural population).

Engro constituted a Livestock Relief Team, which has made a tireless commitment to "serve the deserving and their animals" in the devastated dairy hubs of Pakistan. Eye witnesses have seen the team literally wade through muddy water, trek over rough terrain, and ride donkey carts to reach 45,000 animals and over 5,000 households in just a matter of weeks. Their objective is to increase the health and productivity of existing livestock in order to mitigate the loss to producers, consumers and most importantly, to the affected people themselves.

Rehabilitation efforts are expected to be nearly $15 billion. Towards this end, Engro Corp has mobilised funds of over Rs230 million to date, with over Rs12 million of this money donated by Engro employees. Engro has disbursed over 2.5 million meals, installed hand pumps to provide water to 450 families, 3,850 shelter tents and distributed 16,300 litres of water and 418,566 litres of liquid milk. To counter the outbreak of diseases, Engro volunteers have provided medical aid to 4,829 people, distributed 3,600 hygiene kits and constructed 47 public latrines. Efforts have also been made to sustain livestock, with healthcare provided for 101,847 animals. Engro Foundation is also working with its partners to develop a rehabilitation plan focusing on areas of agriculture, livestock and infrastructure.

Since its inception, Engro has always been committed to Pakistan and its people and will continue to do so. Even though the flood water has now started to recede the crisis is far from over. Engro shall continue to persevere until all the affectees are rehabilitated.