Sep 27 - Oct 3, 20

Fauji Foundation established as a charitable trust in 1954 is operating on a completely self sustaining basis, channels approximately 80 per cent of the profits from commercial ventures into social protection programs that serve nine million people representing seven per cent of the population of Pakistan.

Fauji Foundation extends services in the fields of health, education, technical and vocational training. It has set up 11 hospitals, 24 medical centers, 80 mobile and static dispensaries, 98 schools, two colleges and 75 technical and vocational training centers.

In the year 2008-09, over three million patients received treatment from the Fauji Foundation health-care system. Of these, almost half were those who were treated at Fauji Foundation major hospitals, well over 47,000 being indoor cases. This makes it the most extensive health care system in the private sector.

The Fauji Education System has today almost 44,442 students on its roll. Their chain is the largest outside the public sector.

Every year approximately 67,126 (2008-09) student stipends are dispersed, about 6,000 of which are for higher professional programs and superior academic performance. With an annual budget of about Rs145 million, this is the largest educational stipend scheme in the private sector. Every year about 6,100 (2008-09) trainees are given technical and vocational training at Fauji Foundation technical centers.

Fauji Foundation is extending social welfare services to large segment of the population. Fauji Foundation spent over Rs32 billion in the year 2008-09, adding up to a total of over Rs30.64 billion, ever since their welfare operations began with a trickle in the mid-fifties. Approximately 80 per cent of the annual earnings of the foundation are channeled into welfare.

The raison d'Ítre of the foundation is the welfare of its beneficiaries (families of ex-servicemen) by law. Therefore, strong commercial operations are a must to fund the welfare for an expanding beneficiary base on a sustainable basis. Thus it has a number of industrial and commercial concerns, (generally known as the Fauji Group); some of them are fully owned by the foundation and the remaining Fauji Foundation controls through respective boards, through major investment and shareholding. The sectors in which Fauji Foundation has currently invested include fertiliser, power, oil and gas exploration and distribution, oil terminal operations, financial services, cement, cereals, employment services, and security services. All these translate into an asset base of over Rs229 billion and net worth of over Rs109 billion.

In FY2008-09, the commercial operations of the Fauji Group, contributed almost Rs41.417 billion to the national exchequer in the form of duties, taxes & levies. The group employs approximately 13,500 personnel, out of this 9,043 are civilian.

Its growth through judicious investments, and the social facility it has provided to a large and expanding sector of the population a unique model of sustainable economic growth for the purpose of funding welfare activities. This is an example worth emulating and a story worth telling. Since the foundation does not accept any grants, there is no option but to increase income through prudent investment. The last 56 years of its existence suggest that the foundation successfully meets all its obligations of continuously expanding welfare activities across the country, from resources generated itself.

Such growth has been built upon a solid value system and investments in well regulated sectors only. Fauji Foundation is manned by a management dedicated to further the cause for which it was set up. No doubt, the nature of its operations makes Fauji Foundation a unique welfare-cum-industrial conglomerate in Pakistan.