Aug 30 - Sep 05, 20

The rain is considered as a blessing of Allah showered on the mankind but the recent rains in Pakistan are a catastrophe that unfettered devastating floods nationwide. This rainy monsoon season is the worst in the history of Pakistan that washed away houses, destroyed crops, and mowed down many. Those who are left behind are crying for food and clean drinking water. This flood pushed people of Pakistan under the scorching heat of the glowing sun of August bemoaning loss of their homes and beloved ones who are no longer in this world.

Usually month of August starts with the celebration for Independence Day of Pakistan. But this year it started with floods, which is very awful and distressing. How can we decorate our homes and streets with Pakistani flags when our brothers and sisters are in distress and despair and need our support?

Moreover, this August is also shined with the holy month of Ramadan which is another blessing of Allah. We usually fast for the whole day and at the time of Iftar our tables are filled with delicious foods and drinks. But have we ever spared a thought for those who are starving and have nothing or very little to eat? How do these poor/homeless people fast and what do they eat while breaking fasts? They are fasting or perhaps are forced to fast 24 hours because of severe floods and rain.

This is the right time for us to unite and help those who are in need. Our media show us that a large number of foreign countries have given aids to Pakistan for rebuilding houses and infrastructure and for the resettlement of flood victims. The government of Pakistan is also doing its best to cope up with this biggest disaster in Pakistan's history but is looking for extensive assistances to flood victims due to lack of necessary resources. This is not a time to point fingers at each other and play the 'blame game'. Leaving everything aside and ignoring the racial differences of caste, color and creed we should learn that Islam teaches us 'Eesaar and Itehad'. Therefore, no matter what the government is doing, we should at least do our bit as it is also our responsibility, both as a human and as a nation. We should collect necessary items such as clothes, medicines, food, and drinking water for the victims. We can also collect Zakat so that we are able to help our brothers and sisters in need. There is no harm in sharing our goods with the flood victims.

Pakistan is one of the largest agriculture-based economies in the world and rain is good for agriculture sector. But this rain has turned into turbulent floods and destroyed agricultural lands and ready crops. The fury of this flood is completely deplorable. It is even more destructive than the Tsunami of 2004 which happened in 4-5 countries.

We ought to learn the true meaning of Independence and uphold Quaid's doctrine of unity and strong nation that our country so desperately needs in this time of catastrophe and during the holy month of Ramadan. We must not forget our country fellowmen who are in desperate need and looking at us for their survival. May Allah give them the bravery to come out of this mess and give us courage to help them with all that is possible.