Feb 16 - 22, 2009

With a view to overcome energy crisis, negotiations are underway with different local and foreign companies for generation of energy from alternative sources.  In an initiative, the Punjab Government led by enthusiastic, hardworking and committed leader Mian Shahbaz Sharif, has signed an agreement with a Chinese company for generation of energy from garbage.

Due to recent energy crisis, not only people are suffering but industries are also ruined. According to experts, the government needs to develop solar, wind and coal energy as a source of alternate energy and construct small dams in order to overcome the prevailing crisis of electricity and water in the country. In the world, 100,000 megawatt electricity is produced from wind energy and Pakistan has potential to produce electricity from wind, sun, coal and hydropower.  The Punjab Chief Minister has also constituted a committee in this regard, which is working on generation of energy from alternative resources.

The Punjab Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif is paying special attention to the promotion of speedy economic development and social activities in the province. An atmosphere conducive to investment has been created in the Punjab and all possible facilities are provided to foreign investors.

The Chairman Chief Minister's Monitoring and Implementation Cell and Vice-Chairman Punjab Investment Board Haroon Khawaja held a meeting with investors of Australia and United Arab Emirates in Lahore. Australian Trade Commissioner for Energy Peter Line Ford Mr Steward, GRN Australia, Chief Executive Officer of EIG Company of UAE Sohail Abbasi, Chairman Taskforce on Energy Nadeem Babar, Secretary Investment, Additional Secretaries Agriculture and Housing, Chairman Punjab Industrial Estates Development and Management Company Muhammad Ali Mian, Chairman Faisalabad Industrial Development Company Khawaja Asim Khursheed also attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the prospects of cooperation and foreign investment in agriculture, livestock, housing, energy, sports, industrial parks and other sectors were reviewed.

According to Mr. Haroon Khawaja, vast coal reserves are present in the Punjab province from which energy can be generated and better opportunities of foreign investment are available in this sector.

Under the agreement signed by the Punjab Government with a Chinese company for generation of energy from waste material, the former will provide machinery and technical assistance in this regard.

Haroon Khawaja further said that a comprehensive strategy has been evolved for the promotion of public-private partnership and Punjab Investment Board has been activated. He said that Australia and UAE should fully benefit from the opportunities of investment in agriculture, industries, mines, energy, livestock, sports and other sectors and government will extend all out cooperation to them. The investors of UAE and Australia lauded the measures and strategy of Punjab Chief Minister for the promotion of foreign investment and said that they are interested for investment in agriculture, housing, sports and other sectors in Punjab.

Moreover, the Punjab government has decided to limit the flow of traffic in the busiest shopping centers and roads in all major cities of the province under a phased programme. This decision will help save the people from the problems due to heavy rush of vehicular traffic in these areas.



Once Albert Einstein said, "Measured against reality science is still primitive and childlike and yet this is the precious thing we have." It is a general practice of the masses that they take the accepted wisdom of their predecessors for granted. In this way, the real knowledge remains elusive and resultantly we are deprived of the same.

Taken in chronological order in history: mythology, philosophy, logic, science and technology are the different manifestations of the human intellect. This epoch consisting of millennia produced towering personalities who tried their best to explain the phenomena of nature and of course, they delivered. The 17th century witnessed a paradigm shift inspired by the inductive intellect whose aftermath repercussions proved very seminal heralding the industrial revolution in Europe. Later on, due to the phenomenon of globalization, all these developments proliferated across the continents thus reshaping the civilizations.

Let us delve more into what makes the difference between the teeming millions and the "blessed" few, between the led and the leaders who are steering the intellectual odyssey of mankind! To see things as they feel, and to see them as they are, are two different approaches. But to develop the latter approach is not a cushy task. The secret of understanding nature lies in the demarcation of these two poles of views. Galileo, for example, came up with the startling fact that the earth was not flat, as it feels, but it is round. To fathom reality, one has to override his/her taste, aptitude, propensity, disposition, bias, prejudice, tilt, idiosyncrasy, partiality and all such traits. The entire history of science is actually an effort to bridge the gulf between perception and reality. The polarity will persist unless phenomenon and noumenon coincide.

Some decades ago, it was the general belief in the scientific community that there exist four fundamental forces of nature. The discovery of the redundancy of one force and the conservation of the remaining three marked the beginning of a new era in the history of physics. Still, the scientists are striving hard to come up with a "unified theory", which would solely characterize all the three fundamental forces of nature- a long cherished vision of Einstein who failed to materialize it.

The twin concept of space and time is exceedingly mind-boggling. Whether mind complements them or they exist independently is still an enigma. Are space and time continuous or there is a quantum of continuity are such questions which require gargantuan proportions of objectivity which a human is perhaps humble to acquire. No doubt, mankind has demystified many riddles from its very inception, but still it has to travel a long journey vis--vis the understanding of nature and this is only possible when he will develop skeptical attitude towards things. Whatever man has discovered is actually a tip of the iceberg. The Bermuda Triangle, the exact value of mathematical pi, the Zeno's paradox, the infinitesimals of space, time and matter, mathematical explanation of the evolution of universe, are such questions to which humanity in general and scientists in particular, owe to resolve.

Some people may say that we should not temper the accepted wisdom. It does not augur well. It will unleash the wrath of some deity. They have actually an orthodox mindset, which resists any change in the accepted wisdom. Actually, they are suffering from the intellectual lethargy.

After this discussion, it can be safely said that we should question everything. Of course this questioning on every thing will lead us to the more refined and in some cases absolutely new principles of nature. The people who question direct the course of real knowledge. (The writer is lecturer in the Department of IT, Punjab University Gujranwala Campus).