Nov 16 - 22, 2009

Dubai Knowledge Village is a Free Zone in Dubai, which focuses on educational organizations from consultants to universities and training institutes. Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) was launched in September 2003 and has grown rapidly since then. There are universities from a number of countries with a branch in DKV including Australia, Belgium, Canada, India, Iran, Ireland, Pakistan, Russia, United Kingdom, providing educational facilities to students from all nationalities.

Incentives of operations in DKV include 100% freedom from taxes, 100% foreign ownership, 100% repatriation of assets and profits and easy visa issuing practices. DKV also provides excellent facilities to its knowledge associates and students such as relaxing landscapes, a food court, sports fields and gymnasium. Its partners include people from diverse countries such as Australia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, Belgium, and UK.

Dubai Knowledge Village focuses on professional grooming and learning support services and has more than three hundred partners including professional centers, training centers, and HR companies.

The village has been a very successful initiative. Before this, only small numbers of Dubai residents used to send their children to colleges overseas and aboard for higher studies. This is not to say that DKV is parallel in rank to Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, Harvard, the Sorbonne, etc. However, it probably has some way to go and is definitely a feasible option when considering education at higher level.

The village offers a unique campus ambience with a productively inspiring and welcoming atmosphere for students, professionals, teachers, instructors and researchers to work together. In addition to universities and higher education institutes, DKV partners include human resource development centers, professional training institutes, R&D organizations, innovation centers, and e-learning companies.

Dubai Knowledge Village is also equipped with a business centre providing modern facilities for freelancers and start-up entities in the education, training and learning sectors.

Even though it has no other match, the idea behind DKV has proved a success at the right time and, of course, at the right place.

Nestled in between Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City the village is home to over 460 services organizations, which include professional institutions for higher learning, training centers, education support services, management consultancies and research and development centers.

The free zone fulfils a fundamental need for the region. Traditionally, people seeking higher or specialized education in the Middle East and surrounding regions had to travel to Europe or North America for good education. DKV has thus brought the world's best to easily an accessible and centralized location.

Since Dubai has been bustled with leading names in IT, media, finance, real estate, energy and development, it has a growing need for qualified professionals to staff the growing ventures. In the village, some very impressive and world-renowned institutions come into play to providing prospective employees the chance to be educated and trained in real time proximity to key industrial sectors.

Since 2006, DKV has recorded a 40% growth with student population nearly doubling every year. It has offered an atmosphere of learning and human resource development in a busy city where finding the right people is crucial to the success of enterprises revolutionizing traditional business models.

In near future, you will notice that with the development of this special area for knowledge, Dubai will achieve the status of a major location for education. Moreover, Dubai's achievement will in turn affect the status of the entire Middle East region and make it a hub of education and development.

The knowledge village in Dubai will spread the utilization of e-learning in academics and training. This attempt on the part of Dubai will also find ways to help the Middle East to reduce and even invalidate the existing regional disparities in terms of talents. The knowledge derived from this village will be influential in connecting and growing the industrial talents and expertise.

The society that will be formed at the DKV will comprise educational programs and institutes from around the globe. The facilities will provide services and assistance related to education. You will be able to find facilities that supply professional instructions. You will also come across foundations that will aid the development of management. At this village, you are likely to encounter the sources of systems, facilities and content related of e-learning and centre for R&D.

Lecturer Defence Authority College of Business, Karachi