Aug 17 - 23, 2009

"Boycotts, strikes, demonstrations, people dying in a bomb blasts, suicide bombers killing people, drones mowing down innocents, lawyers trampling on the streets for justice (woklagardi reigns supreme), provincial disharmony, lawlessness, robberies, suicides, killings, tribal conflicts, poverty, unemployment, inflation, shortage of food and water, absence of health facilities, load shedding, etc. etc." - Everyday we find whole lot of such news in our media.

Pakistan has become an old-aged country by turning 62 14th August this year. The ageing problems and issues are increasing therefore at the same pace. Great span of time, years and decades have passed but still we find our country crawling as a small child bearing a heavy burden of many governments and the troubles multiplied. Every succeeding government blamed its predecessor for all the plight and critical state of the state.

Though it is believed that Pakistan got independence on 14th August 1947, but in fact the nation is still beleaguered with chains of slavery of many types. There is no freedom of choice, no freedom of expression, no freedom of life, no freedom of development, and no freedom of thinking. The population of more than 18 crores is facing a situation of uncertainty of life, of future, of progress, of freedom and of peace.

A common person is always worried about his survival in the environment of lawlessness and insecurity. Our economy is always under stress. Burden of foreign debts is rising terribly. Inflation rate is never bending down. No progress in trade and foreign earnings, no development in the various sectors of the economy, no measures for reducing poverty, no successful plan for uplifting rural areas, no strategic policy for providing employment opportunities and no sign of growth and development are in the economy at all.

All these bruised states of the country make us worried and frowned; how to celebrate 62nd independence anniversary? Should we come out on roads wagging green and white flag of Pakistan, chanting slogans of "long live Pakistan"? Or we must think and bring out solutions to the problems of the country. We must sit down and ponder over what crucial role we, the individual citizens, have to play to drag our land out of the jaws of monster of problems.

It is the time to rebuild ourselves, strengthen our institutions, bring revolutionary changes in our policies, and uplift the global image of our country.