July 27 - Aug 02, 2009

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz led Punjab government under the leadership of Punjab Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif is not only attaching priority to education sector but has also taken several revolutionary measures for the improvement of educational system and equipping the youth with the modern knowledge.

The Punjab Educational Endowment Fund has been established in order to equip those talented male and female students with education who cannot complete their education due to financial difficulties. This fund is a revolutionary step of the Punjab government that will leave far-reaching impact on improvement of education sector.

In order to carry out teachers training in a systematic manner, a high-level committee is formulating its recommendations keeping in view all the aspects of quality training of teachers. In another historic initiative, computer labs are being set up in four thousand schools at a cost of five billion rupees and this project will be completed by October this year. This project will prove to be a milestone in the promotion of information technology and equipping the male and female students with modern knowledge.

In order to apprise the position holders' students of latest research being conducted in foreign universities and to prepare them for the future challenges, the Punjab government arranged a study tour to foreign countries. The 20-member delegation of talented Pakistani students visited Germany and UK. The delegation comprising eleven female and nine male position holders of various educational boards of the province visited Heinrich Heins University, Dusseldorf University, RWTH University, Max Planck Institute, Hyde Burg University and Ruhr University of Bochum and the home of Poet of East, Allama Iqbal and the street named after him in Germany. The delegation also attended various lectures in Germany. During its stay in UK, the members of the delegation visited Oxford University, which was an interesting and informative experience for the students. The students also visited various colleges of Oxford University. They were informed about the historical background of Oxford. They were also informed about various scholarships including Noon Scholarship and Rhodes Scholarship for Pakistani students at Oxford University. They also visited Manchester University and Cambridge University besides Queen Mary University, University of Surrey, Space Research Institute, and various colleges being run by universities of international repute. The students also witnessed various phases of research being carried out in the satellite communication department at Space Research Institute. The students visited the House of Lords and called on Lord Nazir Ahmad. The students received very useful information during the visit to educational institutions of international repute and gained knowledge about the teaching methods of international standard. The students were also informed about the scholarships being given by various universities during their visit to Germany and UK.

The students said that the main feature of British and German universities is that special emphasis is laid on research and practical training of students in these universities while this element is missing in Pakistani universities. They thanked Chief Minister Punjab for providing them an opportunity to visit such institutions, which are renowned the world over. The students also said that they would submit proposals to education department in the light of their observations so that education system in Pakistan could also be improved.

The Chief Minister considers that highly trained teachers are of key importance in the quality education and training of the new generation and strengthening of foundations of educational system. Therefore, he has asked the authorities to prepare a solid strategy for the training of teachers through trainers.

According to Punjab Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, the dream of development of the country can be materialized only by elimination of ignorance and illiteracy. Terrorism, extremism, and other social evils can be overcome by promoting modern education.

Talking about the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund, he said that number of students in the society who want to study could not continue their studies due to financial difficulties.

The Punjab government has established Punjab Educational Endowment Fund with two billion rupees first time in the history of the province for the poor talented male and female students and increase of two billion rupees will be made in it annually. He said that government would bear the expenditures of talented male and female students getting admission for higher education in the local and foreign universities so that they can play their effective role in the development of the country after getting degrees in science subjects from international universities.

According to vice-chairman, Punjab Educational Endowment Fund Dr. Amjad Saqib process of awarding of scholarships from the Fund has been started and in the first phase, five thousand scholarships have been distributed among talented students. He said that staff of the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund is performing its duties with hard work and dedication.

According to the Punjab Minister for Education Mujtaba Shuja-ur-Rehman, talented and brilliant students are national asset and Khadim-e-Ala Punjab had sent these students abroad on study tours so that they could gain knowledge about the standard of education in prestigious educational institutions in the interest of a bright future for the country. The visit of these students abroad will promote self-confidence in them.