July 06 - 12, 2009

Karachi is not only the 7th largest city of the world but population wise it is even larger than several countries of the world. Its population has reached about 20 million people. The fast increase in population has never been backed by adequate basic amenities. Karachi faces countless problems that include broken sewerage and water eroding the roads. In addition to stopping the leaked water, managing the traffic jam was a big problem in its own nature, which turned few minutes journey into hours. Additionally problems relating to health, education and solid waste disposal are also the insurmountable problems.

To resolve the issues and providing the basic amenities the CDGK needs regular and substantial revenue. It is necessary to recall the statement of City Nazim that about 13 authorities are responsible for looking after this mega city but lack of coordination and scarcity of funds further aggravate the problem. At present most of the developmental projects are funded by the federal and provincial governments but the revenue stream remains unsustainable.

One of the major responsibilities of the CDGK is to construct and maintain roads, bridges, flyover, and underpasses. The demand for funds is huge but revenue inflow is paltry and it has to depend on external sources i.e. the federation and provincial governments. In the past, there was a proposal to make CDGK responsible for the collection 'vehicle tax', currently being collected by the provincial government. However, the move was resisted because the provincial government was not ready to let go golden egg laying goose. One does understand the vehicle tax payers reside in areas which do not fall in the jurisdiction CDGK but arriving at amicable sharing formula should not be a problem. Making on entity responsible for constructing roads in the city can helping achieving synergy, resulting in cot optimization. It would also help in greater interaction among all the civic agencies.

Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KW&SB) is responsible for the supply of potable water to many of the areas of the city and also has the responsibility of establishing a dependable wastewater disposable infrastructure. Inadequate water availability, highly depleted supply infrastructure and mushroom growth of the city has given birth to 'tanker mafia'. Interestingly the citizens pay billions of rupees to the taker operators but do not consider paying KW&SB bills their responsibility. The same is also true about disposal of affluent or wastewater. Construction of high-rise building on the sites of standalone houses has rendered both the fresh water and sewerage lines incapable of handling the extra load. Housing units often do not get ample water supply and sewerage water is often overflowing.

City District Government Karachi has approved an outlay of over Rs52 billion a surplus of Rs170.36 million. A sum of Rs27 billion has been earmarked for development works and Rs25 billion for non-development expenditure. A major amount of Rs11.3billion has been earmarked for works and Services and another Rs10.1billion for education projects and Rs3.9billion for health sector. The other major allocations includes Rs1.5billion for transport and communication, Rs2.8billion for annual development program and RS.2.9billion for Municipal Services

The City Government has also made allocations for more than 60 projects for the current financial year including Rs 2,000 million for development and Improvement of basic Infrastructure, Rs1,500 million for privatization of Solid Waste Management System, Rs939.17 million for Tameer-e-Karachi Program, Rs550 million for Citizen Community Board (CDGK Share), Rs500 million for purchase of CNG Buses, Rs500 million for construction of Parking Plaza, Rs 500 million for Karachi Mass Transit System, Rs400 million for Development work of Corridor 4 (Shahrah-e-Faisal), Rs451.24 million for development works in 178 Union Councils / City Councilors, Rs370 million for Wireless Video and Surveillance System Phase-II, Rs350 million for Elevated Expressway, Rs250 million for Corridor-III, Rs250 million for Construction of Pedestrian Bridges, Rs250 million for Improvement & Maintenance of Roads, Footpaths, Culverts, Chowrangi Intersections, Rs250 million for Karachi Medical & Dental College, Rs220 million for Corridor-II, Rs200 million for Development & Improvement of Inter City, Towns and Union Councils Roads ad Intersections, Rs160 million for Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases, Rs130 million for construction of Awan-e-Rifat (Art Gallery), Rs130 million for construction of Korangi and Landhi industrial areas and Rs100 million for purchase of mechanical sweeping machines.

Other heads includes Development Work at Industrial Areas (Rs100 million), Construction of Fish Aquarium at Clifton (Rs100 million), Providing Electricity on CDGK Major Roads (Rs100 million), Development / Improvement of various Parks of CDGK (Rs100 million), Road Marking & Traffic Sign Scheme (100 million), Bulk Transportation & Destroy of Garbage including Development Work (SWM) (80 million), Construction of Gutter Baghicha Park (Rs80 million), Citizen Complaint and Information System (Rs80 million), Cleaning / Desilting of Storm Water Drains (Rs60 million), Construction and Development of Strom Water Drains (Rs60 million), Urban Search and Rescue (Rs60 million), Development of Inter Town Roads in City District (Rs50 million), Purchase of Fire Tenders for Korangi and SITE Industrial Area (Rs100 million), Purchase of Generators for Hospitals (Rs50 million), Conversion of Woman Library in to Hospital at Gulshan-e-Iqbal (40 million), Construction of Kite Park (Rs40 million), Improvement of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital with Nursing School including Installation of Lifts (Rs40 million), Construction of Subway at Rafah-e-Aam Society (Rs40 million), Wireless Video & Surveillance System (Rs40 million), Development of Safari Park (Rs32.50 million), Construction & Development of Adam Khan Road (30 million), Construction & Development of Madina Colony Road (Rs30 million), Construction and Lighting at Khalid Bin Waleed Road (Rs30 million), Construction and Improvement of 'U' turns Rs30 million, Construction of intercity Bus Terminus Rs30 million, Establishment of City Diagnostic Center (Rs30 million), Plantation at Major Roads / Roundabouts (Rs24.50 million), Sum of Rs20 million for annual improvement of flyovers and bridges, development work in Malir Town, Construction of Jheel Park, Construction and Development of Service Road at Sheed-e-Milat Road, Health Management Information System for K.I.H.D and for Construction of approach Roads of Hill Park.


(Rs. in Million)
Current Receipts 24,631.42
Capital Receipts 2,167.87
Total 26,799.29
Annual Development Program 2,835.31
Devolved Departments (Govt. of Sindh) 11,500.24
(Salary & Non - Salary) 14,335.55
Total 41,134.84
Water & Sanitation Department (KW&SB) 11,396.41
Total Receipts 52,531.25
Establishment 6,137.41
Contingent 2,003.37
Repair & Maintenance 300.84
Total 8,441.62
Development Expenditure 15,725.36
Annual Development Program 2,835.31
Total 18,560.67
Transfer of Funds / Share to Towns & Union Councils 2,461.95
(Salary & Non - Salary) 11,500.24
Total 40,964.48
(I) Current Expenditure 5,600.65
(II) Development Expenditure 5,795.76
Total Expenditure 52,360.89
Surplus (+) 170.36