Jan 14 - 20, 2008

Hinopak Motors Limited assembles, manufactures and markets world renowned Hino diesel trucks and buses in Pakistan. The Company has held the top position in the domestic market for medium and heavy-duty vehicles for 15 consecutive years and is highly acclaimed for quality and technological excellence.

Hinopak is a Japanese owned multinational with majority shares with Hino Motors Japan (59%) part of Toyota group of Japan and market leader in Japanese domestic market for 32 consecutive years and Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan (30%), trading company of Toyota, one of the financially strongest groups of Japan.

Backed by Hino's expertise Hinopak has achieved standard of quality and excellence that rival the best in the region. With over 33,000 vehicles on road, Hinopak has gained 70% market share making it the largest manufacturer in medium & heavy-duty truck and bus industry in Pakistan. Hinopak is also the first automobile company to export buses from Pakistan to UAE and African countries.

The mission of Hinopak is to "provide the society with safe, economical, comfortable and environment-friendly means of transportation by manufacturing and supplying commercial vehicles and services."

The current scenario of transportation trends in Pakistan shows extensive development and Pakistan is working extensively to improve the overall transportation conditions. The main aim is to make transportation safer, cleaner and more efficient.

Extensive development has been made and is still in full swing for the improvement of city and intercity road infrastructure. Whereas, this is causing much agony to the public at present, however, the near future will bring for us superior passageways.

Realizing the transportation need of the Pakistani market Hinopak Motors Limited, being the largest manufacturer of Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan has recently introduced the first dedicated CNG bus manufactured in Pakistan and a high-performance light-duty truck called the DUTRO.


The AK1J-CNG bus model utilizes a dedicated J08C-CNG engine that has been designed by Hino Motors Ltd., Japan. The exhaust emission level of this CNG engine is similar to EURO3 emission level and the engine noise is considerably softer and quieter as compared to the equivalent diesel engine. The engine power is around 170 PS the bus is suitable for 45 ~ 63 seating capacity, depending upon the requirement of the operator, hence is most suitable for use as an urban bus. The CNG bus model is the same series as their standard diesel bus model, thus ensuring commonality of parts and design for the users.

We are also very pleased by the efforts being undertaken by the Government for introduction of dedicated CNG buses, especially with the exemption in custom duty and sales tax. We believe that it will benefit the nation in the long run by saving precious foreign exchange spent on import of fuel as well as reducing pollution and improving the environment of our city.

It is Hinopak's recommendation that the government should come up with a plan for induction of new locally manufactured dedicated CNG buses which involves gradual phasing out of older buses. At the same time the government should also offer further incentives for induction of CNG buses as well as a strategy for development of infrastructure for effective availability of CNG which require higher pressure re-fueling pumps to reduce refilling time because presently such facilities are almost non existent.


Dutro is Hino's globally renowned light duty truck with high-performance direct-injection engine that delivers power with high-fuel economy and lower and cleaner emissions for minimum impact on the environment. The Euro1 emission standards are adhered to through employment of electronically controlled common rail fuel injection device.

Dutro is aerodynamically designed for maximum performance by reducing wind resistance and noise. The most modern concept of the exterior is matched by revolutionary innovations for the interior. The exclusive interior and controls are like that of a well-designed passenger car, providing the most comfortable environment for the driver. Due to the sturdiness & robust structure of the Dutro it can tackle any road condition.

The Dutro is the best light-duty truck in its class, offering features based on international standards of quality, economy, reliability, and safety. It is backed by a guarantee of quality by the largest manufacturers of buses and trucks in Pakistan-Hinopak Motors Limited.

The Hino DUTRO with its stylish and robust design is an ideal candidate for a wide variety of transportation needs that include both city operations and highways.

We are proud of the good performance, which would not have been possible without tremendous marketing efforts by our dealers and our sales staff as well as patronage of our customers.

At Hinopak we are proud of our humble contribution to the economy of Pakistan in the form of providing employment in the country, saving precious foreign exchange, transfer of technology and providing environment friendly, top quality and cost effective means of transportation both for public and goods.

Building on 21 years of success, Hinopak continues to play a leading role in marketing commercial vehicles with superior and advanced Japanese technology.