MBA (Marketing)-Szabist

Mar 24 - 30, 2008

Pakistan was set on the ideology of a two nation theory, whereby Pakistan stands strong as a state which is proclaimed to be the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This scenario puts Pakistan comprehensively into a zone which has been predefined by our ancestors as an Islamic State.

Keeping this in mind, Pakistan in the upcoming years should be such that it clearly addresses the culture and the respect of our ancestors who have sorted out a state for us in the very first place. For if it were not from them we would definitely seize to be a nation, left to contemplate over the idea of existence. They say globalization is the key, but do they even comprehend the true nature of this word. If we were to define the term globalization then most of us would write, "a shift towards integrated and interdependent world economies." Sarcasm at its best!

The words, integrated and interdependent, blended within the definition of globalization, entail an enormous notion. In addition to this, superficial culture and diminishing acknowledgment for our ancestors would definitely not sustain such perceptions.

Integration and interdependence has become an obligation for countries, but clearly not to be at the expense of our culture and the respect of our ancestors. As without it; one can only be pulling wool over ones eyes and that is, "to imagine globalization as the option for success."

Americanization seeking refuge under the quilt of globalization is deceitfully entering our culture and its foxing most of us, but the few who already know but don't know this that they are merely blindfolded by their own momentary gains and will indefinitely see the dreadful consequences.

We could have done far better by actually finding positive roots in a simpler concept called regionalization, which in most cases reap better results and for a reason why, because we at large are almost alike within the region. When considering regionalization we deal with a close to reality picture- we deal with common problems and common gains. But then again regionalization can never be patiently born or even worse be considered a threat by the one country all of us need not pin point, you never know what war they rage and against who the next time.

A country like ours which shares identical time cased history with India cannot be even compared at any level with the same. They followed a simple rule of thumb, "get ready India and get ready for India." Preparing yourself for the rest of the world can never be an abysmal strategy, it's just like a schoolboy doing his homework and getting ready for the test. We need to do the same, just prepare our industries so that we can open doors to the rest and as they say there is no time like this time.

Mere words can't do the trick, its time for implementation. We should hold our castles strong before they debilitate to perfunctory knowledge of reconstruction whereby Americanization becomes an inevitable fact; but having said all this, the political front within the country can be described in mere words as "a total chaos." It has affected every ounce of life all across the nation. And what's more no one knows where it's actually heading. May be, the conspiracy of a complete destabilization of Pakistan is truly at play.

With elections already out of the way and a newly elected Government; most of us construe to be democratic, yet to prove itself in the midst of incapacitated economic conditions may well have already began their receding journey even before their very formation. However, the question that remains to get answered all with time is "When and How", has it already been premeditated or some of us are slightly more then paranoid?

Nation wide bombings have become an itinerary of almost every month. Ironically, average suicide bombing incidences in the country have been more than the bombings altogether in Afghanistan this year. And what's more, most of us thought that these will end or at least curb with the elections getting out of the way, but perhaps it was in a bitter moment that we were trying to be optimistic. Wouldn't one agree? An average mind wonders what powerful attitudes and beliefs accompany the ones who haul out such ferocious acts on humanity. God only knows how many more lives are at stake.

Respite is one word which makes me skeptical about the words very existence, at least in this part of the world. The newly imposed oil prices reflect the accelerated global increase of cost of oil per barrel. The consequences of which not only deteriorate the public transport mode but also will echo through built in transport costs of many products services which would further weaken the purchasing power of the middle class. Energy issues are another aspect needed to be looked into, the current scenario reflects the inadequate planning to meet the demand of electricity this year.

Inflation and the rising prices of commodities have crushed the already debilitated middle class. The flour prices have touched a new high ever and with supply intermittently failing to meet demand I still don't see these prices to ever come down at par to comfort-levels for what remains of the above stated class. To worsen the case further the supply which is actually meeting the part of demand has some serious quality issues. The occurrence takes me back in time where Mr. Ayub Khan had to actually resign!

Yet in the face of some stringent issues which could only be gradually addressed, I and many like me hope for a positive change which could redeem our past through a superior future and future of those who are yet to come. It's not difficult; it requires a little out of everyone, all we need is to crave for better and better. We must never forget that our choices today will churn up our future. The more accurate choices we make today the more prosperous will be our tomorrow.