Jan 07 - 13, 2008

The price generally means the cost of any item exists or available in the market weather the price is low or high. The price of a goods remains stable when the supply of that things normal and available in the market in sufficient amount fro the consumers. The main things which the population of a city or country need for their survival and daily use is food grains, vegetables,edible oils, gas, electricity, normal and at cheap prices and undisturbed transport facility, peaceful living condition in the surrounding and in the country. The price of a thing remains stable when the supply of that particular thing is regular and easily available and more than that of demand in the market. The quantity and demand is also not disturbing and showing not shortage then the need of the consumers. The price hike normally occurs when there is shortage of any particular edible thing or cooking fuel such as gas or fuel oil in the market or in the country. The shortage of any item occurs when there is low production of that particular thing, supply is not enough and the demand is very high due to increase in the number of population in the country.

Pakistan is an agricultural country and it has a remarkable position as an agricultural country of the world. It produces enough food grains from food crops , which includes: wheat, rice, jowar, bajra, and barley: pulses which covers: gram, mung, mash, matter; vegetables such as: tomato, potato, onion, cabbage, cauliflower, turnip, brinjal, kaddu, chillies, cucumber, kakri, garlic, ginger, etc, edible oils such as sunflower, groundnut, sesamum, safflower, soybean , canola etc, fruits such as citrus, mango, banana, guava, apple, dates, grapes, almond, pomegranate, apricot, , fishes . livestock such as buffalo, cow, bull, goat, ass, mule etc, fishes and many other edible things. Out of 79.61 million geographical land about 22.2 million hectares are suitable for cultivation of all kinds of crops. Pakistan has a well-planned irrigation system and about 80% of the lands are cultivated through irrigation. The farmers of the country are trained. Different working classes are available throughout in the country for running the agricultural matters efficiently.

According to Ministry of Food and Livestock, the country produced in the year 05-06, almost 30,395X103 tons food crops(all cereals). And these includes wheat (21,276X103 tons), rice(5547X103 tons ), maize(31,10X103 tons), bajra(221X103 tons), Jowar(153X103 tons), barley(58X103 tons)The 47,185X103 tons of cash crops (sugarcane-44,665X103 tons and cotton-130189X103 bales, tobacco-113X103 tons ) , pulses-685X103 tons(gram -480X103 tons, mung-114X103 tons, mash-17X103 tons, masoor-18X103 tons, matter-53X103 tons and other kharif pulsts-4X103 and other rabi pulses- 0.8X103 tons), edible oilseeds 5563X103 tons ( The country imports about 70% edible from foreign country). Pakistan produces vegetable like oiion (2056X103 tons), chillies (123X103 tons), potato(1568X103 tons), tomato(468X103 tons).The total numbers of all fruits(7148X103 tons) i.e. Citrus(2458X103 tons), mango(1759X103 tons), banana(164X103 tons),apple(351X103 tons),grapes( 49X103 tons) dates(497X103 tons). There are other fruitswhich Pakistan produces in enough quantity. S

Pakistan produces enough food graindd vegetable, fishes, poultry and there is no shortage of eibel things in the country with a few exception.

The country livestock population is estimated is 23.3 million buffaloes, 22.3 million cattle, 24.3 million sheep, 49.1,2 million goats, 0.8 million camels, 0.5 million horses, 0.07 million mules, 3.1 million donkeys, and 164.6 million poultry. For the year 2005, they produced 26284 x 103 tons milk, 1010 x 103 tons beef, 666 x 103 tons mutton, 333X103 tons poultry meat, 39.2X103 tons wool, 18.6X103 tons hair, 333.7X103 tons bones, 124x103 tons fats, 8.677 million numbers of eggs, 7.8 million number of hides, 38.2 million numbers of skin and 40x103 tons of blood. The country produces about 31 billion litres of milk annually.

Pakistan seems to produces enough edible things for feeding its population, but due to some unknown factors there is shortage in the markets of many edible thing such as wheat flour , rice, ghee and other edible items. Wheat and atta are smuggled to neighboring countries some influential persons. This condition has created crisis in the country. The wheat flour are selling in the market at very high prices, which abnormally very high and beyond the reach of poor people. The landlords are also hoarding wheat grains in their own premises and none has courage to disturb them, Pakistan produces about 4.5 million sugar from about 77 sugar milles in the country. But there also crisis of Sugar in the country and people are purchasing at high rates. Cooking oil is also selling at high prices in the markets and people are in very distress condition. The eggs are selling in the market at Rs.60 per dozen. LPG and CNG gases are selling at very high price.

There is a great need to control these anomalies to provide relief to the inhabitants. One should fear God. And be honest in selling things at reasonable prices for providing peace to the people.