Sep 8 - 14, 2008

CCM Italy is a worldwide leader in airport equipment, manufacture and supply of terminal and technical counters as well as sign systems for airports. Its services include check-in desks, ticket counters, passport control desks, meeting-point counters, flight information display system, and indoors bright signs.

CCM, which is ISO-9001 certified, has provided services to more than 70 airports all over the world. Founded in Italy in 1981, CCM Airport Equipment has offices in France, the Netherlands, China, Singapore and Thailand and has a reference list of major airport projects in 29 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.

CCM's global expertise of providing the world's finest airport services comes into play at one of the world's unique airports, Sialkot International Airport (SIA), a 100 % privately owned airport that is just the second such airport in the world.

"The unique concept of the Sialkot International Airport attracted the CCM to make investment of half million dollars in the construction of this airport," said Dr. Marinoni, President CCM.

Talking to PAGE at Lahore, after his visit to Sialkot, Dr. Marinoni said the Sialkot International Airport is unique and that is why his company is investing in this project. He said the Sialkot International Airport is currently being constructed on a 1050-acre site, which has been well chosen as it has excellent transport infrastructure.

He said the Sialkot Airport is the best from a technical point of view while it also has an excellent fire fighting system. However, he said a 5-star hotel is needed in Sialkot for attracting foreign visitors.

Dr. Marinoni said that there was a huge business potential in Pakistan having a population of 170 million. He, however, stressed the need for improving the image of Pakistan abroad. "It is only through the foreign media, we know about happenings in Pakistan," he said.

Dr. Marinoni greatly admired the people of Sialkot who built an airport, which has no parallel in the world. He said that he had enjoyed his visit to Pakistan and felt that the people of Sialkot are pro-active and enterprising.

To a query, Dr. Marinoni said CCM is planning to install the latest equipment at Sialkot Airport.

It may be mentioned that Sialkot International Airport is Pakistan's latest and most modern facility, which is likely to become fully functional by the end of this year. Pakistan's first privately owned and sponsored airport had earlier this year introduced operations both on domestic and international sectors. The national flag carrier, PIA, took the lead to start operations. However with completion of the facilities currently in hand, the airport would be able to attract many more airlines including expansion of PIA flights at this unique airport located in the healthy environments of the rural countryside outside Sialkot. With its unique location, easy access and above all, the latest facilities, SIA provides an important edge to all its prospective users.

The President of Pakistan first approved the construction of the Sialkot airport in February 2001. The establishment of a management company to build, own and operate the airport followed this.

SIA is a company with 223 directors, each of whom has invested Rs.5m capital in the project as their primary investment. Each of the directors was invited to take part in the project because of their previous experience of running sizeable and successful enterprises. In February 2001, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan with the approval of Ministry of Defence for the construction of Sialkot International Airport.