In order to serve Lahore clientele in a better manner Askari Leasing opened a new branch in 2005

Feb 27 - Mar 05, 2006

Lahore, a beloved city of emperors of the past, is now heartbeat of today's Pakistan. In the past this city remained the focus for emperors due to its natural beauty, a strategic importance, and richness, which compelled the emperors to think of it as the most important city of their empires. They built beautiful buildings in this city, which to date have been attracting people. This goes back as far as Alexander, Ashoka, Taimuris, Ghauris, Mughals, Sikhs, British ... and to the present day.

Lahore has been called city of dreams, city of flowers, city of gardens; especially in springtime due to Mughals' craving for gardens, and many others names, which the dwellers of Lahore lovingly bestowed upon their city.

In recent years Lahore has emerged both as a powerhouse and hub of business activity as well as a great residential metropolis sprawling over miles and miles in all directions. In east it almost stretches to the Indian border. In the other direction it has long crossed the natural boundary of river Ravi, merging with the other towns of Sheihkhupra and Shahdara and other smaller communities. Even then it acts as an ever-drawing magnet of humanity, drawing people from all directions and all provinces, who come to live and work in Lahore. It has indeed grown so large that people who were born in Lahore and have lived in the city all their lives could easily be lost in Lahore today.

Along with swarming sea of humanity Lahore has also emerged as a power housećof business activity. It has large amount of manufacturing, trading, insurance and banking activities. In view of this Lahore has been truly called as economic powerhouse. The way recent years witnessed this strength has been growing rather than being diminishing or staying stagnant. In light of that it can easily be said that the best years of Lahore are ahead rather than being in the past. Lahore does have a history that all of us are proud of, but at the same time it has a future we are eagerly waiting for.

Cognizant of this all major financial houses have taken steps to establish themselves in Lahore. There are reports that some of the major financial institutions/banks are moving their headquarters from Karachi to Lahore. This underlies the importance people attached to Lahore today. Askari Leasing also gives a lot of importance to Lahore. In order to serve our Lahore clientele in a better manner a new branch was opened in 2005.

Askari Leasing Limited has established itself as a frontrunner in the Leasing Industry. As a leasing institution of high visibility, the company has strong economic performance, established stable infrastructure, broad customer base and strong brand equity. Innovative, professional and customer-friendly products/services have assured the company's leading position in the leasing sector. Askari Leasing introduced the concept of auto-leasing in Pakistan, which has been recognized as an area of huge potential. Askari Leasing's auto-lease product, Askar, is very well recognized brand name and is synonymous with auto leasing in Pakistan. Similarly, Asklife, Askari Leasing's product in leasing of consumer durable products to customers has won wide recognition. Askari Leasing's focus on SME sector in Pakistan has helped small and medium enterprises in establishing themselves. Through the investment in SME sector Askari Leasing is providing an impetus to growth for the country's economy.