Nov 27 - Dec 03, 2006

The IBA is the oldest business school outside North America. It has produced nearly 7,500 graduates to-date, each one an outstanding professional. The IBA graduates have worked and matched in performance with the graduates of the most renowned business schools of the world; that is why the most successful multinationals prefer to hire the IBA graduates. More and more local banks and other industries also rely on the IBA graduates for professional leadership organizations.

Consul General of Sri Lanka, Her Excellency Ms. Manel de Silva, had these kind words for one of the students of the IBA: "He was polite, efficient and did not get flustered at any time. He could take decisions with such confidence that initially I thought I was dealing with a person who had work experience. If this is the quality of the students of IBA, I am not surprised that the IBA has such a high reputation."

The IBA system of merit, truth, diligence, tolerance and humility has established a culture in which outstanding young men and women and outstanding teachers create a community dedicated to quality, innovation and challenge. The IBA standards demonstratively are the highest in Pakistan. Every graduate truly earns his degree; there are no short -cuts and no light- load degrees.

Two of our students, Muniba Mahmood and Asim Ali Raza were chosen to go to Geneva in an international seminar. They joined 30 other business students from around the world. The IBA was the only school in the world which had the distinction of having two students accepted for the seminar. Last year Asnia Asim topped contestants from 109 countries to win the World Bank Essay Contest. The IBA team won Pakistan round of Microsoft India's Imagine Cup 2006.

The IBA ensures that no student is deprived of education at the IBA because of financial constraints. Specially low fees are offered to nearly half the best candidates who join the IBA. Besides this, a number of scholarships are available. The IBA arranges loans which the students can repay in installments after completion of their degrees. Every student has to meet high demands of work and standards every day. The IBA's graduating system is among the toughest in the world. Many of the most attractive employers have told us that they cannot have enough IBA graduates for their organizations.

The IBA has linkages with outstanding business schools in South Asia as well as Europe and the USA. The IBA was the first business school in Pakistan to sign strategic collaboration agreement with Microsoft. The IBA offers courses and programs which are relevant to the needs of the market; its programs are widely adopted by other schools. The IBA's MBA is the best established brand in business education. Now its Computer Science program is also recognized for its creative, functional design and high quality. The IBA has also launched a Ph.D program in MIS, Computer Science and Engineering. In 2005, over 10,000 students from more than 90 countries competed in the Microsoft sponsored Imagine Cup. Out of these more than 100 students were from Pakistan from 12 universities. Only one team from Pakistan reached the semi-finals in this prestigious global competition and that was from the IBA.

About 40 years ago, in US Senate hearings Admiral Anderson said that the present age is the age of business. Recognizing this important reality, The IBA was chosen by the Government of Pakistan as the institute to which all CBR probationers should come for an MBA (Tax Management) two years ago. The second batch of officers will complete their work at the IBA in December 2006.

An important recent recognition of the IBA quality and capability is that United States has chosen the IBA for establishing a Center for Entrepreneurship in Pakistan under its broader Middle East and North African Initiative. There will be a distinguished advisory panel, 'Blue Ribbon Panel', consisting of the Directors of Entrepreneurship Institutes at MIT, Babson, Harvard and Stanford. This panel will not only advise but also assist and support the new Pakistani Center.

The IBA was the first professional institution in Pakistan to start a 4 -year undergraduate program to bring Pakistani educational standard and design in line with those prevalent in USA. The first batch of the 4-year BBA and BCS programs has graduated in May 2006. Many multinationals have recognized that these graduates have the best broad-based business education and are hiring these graduates for their organizations. The IBA looks forward to continue to change, adapt and be among the best business schools in the world, always producing leadership and ideas for tomorrow.

The IBA is excited at the opportunity and challenges for business and business education. The IBA always welcomes, as their students, the brightest, confident, young men and women, who are eager to work in an environment of merit, to think for themselves, to innovate, to change, to lead, work hard and succeed.