Oct 24 - 30, 2005

Dilemma of our economy is that we are lacking business professionals having entrepreneurial and managerial skills. On the other hand thousands of management graduates passing out each year are increasing the unemployment pool. There is a legion of management institutes in almost every second block of the city but choosing the right institute could be a difficult one.

Management institutes mainly offer 3-4 year BBA/BPA and 1-2 year MBA/MPA programs. Most of the courses offered are almost same but teaching methodologies are different. Last year Higher Education Commission published a list of institutes which are not granted Chartered by the Government and are not recognized by any government body. HEC also published a grading system for universities in which they are granted A, B, C according to their performances. Recently Biztech has been awarded 'A' by HEC for its outstanding progress in a short span of time. Despite the existence of a large number of management institutes you can count the good ones on fingertips. Among them are: LUMS, IBA, KUBS, CBM, Department of Public Administration, Bahria University, BIZTECH, Hamdard University, Iqra University (former Asian Management Institute) etc. These institutes offer quality education but differ in methodologies. LUMS mainly follows the case study methodology, whereas IBA is following book reading strategy, Department of Public Administration mainly invites guest speakers for workshops and seminars.

The leading management institutes charge high fees that's not easily affordable for an ordinary medium class student. But IBA has come up with a good policy that they don't refuse any one from admission just on the basis that one can't afford it. The other good option is University of Karachi where two very good opportunities are there - Karachi University Business School's BBA/MBA and Department of Public Administration's BPA/MPA programmes. KUBS started its MBA program in 2000 and in this very short period of time the program has achieved great success and now listed among top management institutes and the degree offered is undoubtedly fully recognized worldwide. Department of Public Administration was established by US Aid program with IBA and that time it was established as Institute of Business and Public Administration (IBPA) but after sometime both were split and DPA stood with a separate identity. Department of Public Administration offered first time in Pakistan specialization in Human Resource Management. This edge goes to DPA and MPAs from DPA are considered better in the market for HR positions.

Foreign universities affiliation matters a lot in Academia. In this regard some universities are affiliated with foreign universities which help them in updating curriculum and training their faculties for contemporary teaching methodologies. SZABIST, IBA and LUMS are seen very proactive in this aspect.

Faculty plays a pivotal role in the uplift of institute. IBA ex-graduates and lecturers from University of Karachi are seen with respect in academia and are teaching in almost every business and management institute. Higher Education Commission has taken a good step for sending faculty members of Public/Private sector universities to renowned universities of world on scholarship. It will increase research in universities and ultimate improvement in professional competency.

Normally the specializations offered in our management institutes are Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance, MIS, Banking, and Hospital Management etc. But there is enough space for full-fledged specializations in Advertising, Supply Chain Management, and Hotel Management. In Karachi generally IBA for Finance, CBM for Marketing and Dept. of Public Administration of KU are considered best.

Institutes' contact with corporate sectors has been increasing nowadays. Corporate dinners are organized where students and corporate celebrities interact with each other. Guest speakers from corporate sector join sessions and deliver lectures that ultimately strengthen the corporate-academia relationship and help students in getting internships and jobs. In various management institutes seminars and workshops are organized regularly and corporate leaders and strategic managers are invited to share business and professional ideas.

Practical exposure is very necessary for management students. IBA, CBM, SZABIST, LUMS and other well reputed institutes have their placement centers and they send their students for internship and on projects that provide them insight about the practical work and prepare them to face the challenges of future.


Management institutes are in a bulk around us but the need is to improve their quality standard of education, facilities and teaching methodologies. We usually study case analysis of foreign companies but our case studies are being analyzed in Harvard Business School and Pennsylvania University. Pakistan State Oil and TCS courier service are examples to this effect.

Role of Higher Education Commission in this regard is very appreciable. HEC has offered various scholarship programs in collaboration with foreign countries. US-Aid scholarship and French scholarship are prominent examples of it. These scholarships are awarded to talented and needy students in getting their education from prestigious institutes.

The author is Assistant Brand Manager in Cambridge Garment Industries. His area of interest is Brand Management. He has written many articles for PAGE in the past.