Pakistan is an Islamic Republic. It has four provinces:


North West Frontier (NWFP),



In addition to provinces, are the

Federally Administered Northern Areas (FANA) and Federally Administered Tribal Areas. Pakistan has a federal structure. Parliament consists of the National Assembly and the Senate.
Members of the National Assembly are directly elected on adult franchise basis and their term of office is 05 years. The National Assembly determines the major policy issues and passes annual budget and legislation. It elects the Prime Minister from among its members. The Prime Minister forms his/her cabinet from among members of the National Assembly and the Senate. Provinces have their own elected legislative assemblies and Chief Ministers. Majority of the members of the Senate are elected by the Provincial Assemblies.


Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation Limited
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority
Pakistan Post Office
Pakistan Software Export Board
Pakistan Railways
Pakistan National Commission for UNESCO
Pakistani Institutions/Universities on Internet
National Language Authority 
Environment, Local Government & Rural Development
Finance & Economic Affairs
Central Board of Revenue
Board of Investment
Privatization Commission
Information Technology Commission of Pakistan
Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
National Savings Organization
Foreign Affairs
Petroleum & Natural Resources
Geological Survey of Pakistan
Industries & Production 
State Engineering Corporation
Export Processing Zones Authority Pakistan
Pakistan State Oil Company LTD
Religious Affairs


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