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(PAGE) is the leading weekly financial magazine of the country for nearly 40 years. It is read widely both nationally and internationally for its coverage of various topics and investigative reporting by the business community, members of the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad stock exchanges, members of different chambers of commerce and industry, governments officials, professionals, bankers, students and is also subscribed by major libraries around the world.


Gulf News

Colour a key driver when GCC buyers decide on purchasing cars Colour plays an important part in the final selection process when it comes to buying a car, new research by SEMrush has revealed. The data showed that GCC consumer …

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India News This Week

Demonetisation ‘key step’ in formalising economy, tackling black money: Arun Jaitley defends noteban As India completes two years of demonetisation today, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has once again come out in support of the exercise explaining how the noteban by …

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Pakistan News

Remittances increase 21% to $2 bn Overseas Pakistani workers sent home 21% higher remittances amounting to $2 billion in October 2018 as a historic drop in the rupee’s value attracted increased flow of remittances through official channels – banks and …

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Technology News

PAKISTAN NEWS: Pakistan and Etisalat Resume Talks for Pending Payment for PTCL: Pakistan has decided to reinitiate talks with Dubai-based Etisalat at the highest level to resolve the much-awaited $800 million outstanding dues on account of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited …

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Press Releases

Press Releases

TPL Insurance & Yayvo Bring to their Customers a Secure Shopping Experience To supplement and enhance the digital buying experience of customers, TPL Insurance, Pakistan’s first direct insurance company, has entered into a strategic alliance with Yayvo.com, Pakistan’s fastest growing …

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Kibor Rates

Kibor Rate

Kibor rate is the average interest rate at which term deposits are offered between prime banks in the Pakistani wholesale money market or interbank market. KIBOR as a benchmark, to encourage transparency  and improve management of the market risk undertaken …

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