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Development of Information Security products in Pakistan

Due to ever-growing internet penetration and high reliance on digital ecosphere, cybersecurity has become one of the biggest needs of the world. Cybersecurity threats can be very dangerous to the country’s security at both national and international levels. Cyber security is constantly evolving, which can make it quite difficult to stay up to date. Tactically, staying informed and being cautious online are two of the best ways to help protect yourself, your networks and devices, and your business. However, strategically it’s a different story entirely. Top developed countries around the world are rapidly exhausting their resources in order to maintain and further improve their cybersecurity standards for tackling the dangers of future ahead.

In Pakistan, National Centre for Cyber Security (NCCS) has been established by the Government of Pakistan to play a leading role in securing Pakistan’s cyberspace and making Pakistan world’s premier nation in Cyber Security. NCCS, in collaboration with NED University, initiated a project to develop Information Security products indigenously in Pakistan, in order to make the country self-reliant in the modern cyber landscape.


For each country, the most critical resources are their own financial data and safeguarding that data from cybersecurity threats is of prime importance. The same goes for safeguarding the data of the Capital Market from threats, both local and foreign. National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL), being an only organization of its nature, is a significant institution of Pakistani Capital Market that provides automated clearing and settlement services to the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited (PSX). NCCPL has joined hands with NCCS-NED University to inculcate national cause of developing Information Security products in Pakistan.

We have therefore, reached an agreement and signed an MoU with NCCS-NED on 20th February, 2020. The purpose of this collaboration is sharing of technical expertise and provision of certain logistic arrangements between the two organizations, in order to develop and customize Information Security products according to market needs.

This joint venture undertaken is well aligned with Pakistan’s Prime Minister’s vision of promoting local products & researches in Pakistan. This will not only make Pakistan, an IT and Cyber Security self-reliant country but will also help in significantly reducing import of Information Security products, thereby, contributing positively to our balance of payments. Not only that, but it will also provide a chance to different start-ups to get their hands on locally established products & researches and furthermore, join hands with established organizations to contribute their potential in the cybersecurity landscape.

The author is a CEO of NCCPL.

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