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Rise of digital marketing in Pakistan

Sipping cold coffee, listening to the Beatle’s yesterdays and using the laptop, they all made those moments so enjoyable that I started whistling unintentionally and listening to the sound, Arwen my cat came to me and sat beside the laptop. Meanwhile, a message of a Facebook friend popped-up and there was a request to like a page related to the electronic items. I clicked on it and visited the page. There was nothing except cover photo of the shop and logo going out of the image being ashamed of the shop interior. I wondered, why the hell he is promoting an empty shop where I have nothing to be attracted by. Plus, I enquired myself that why he is sending the messages to his Facebook contacts individually and not inviting them through the page to like and to the confined circle consists of his contacts only. Like he has decided to make the known customers only. Why doesn’t he simply spend some bucks and promote the page/post? I understand that experts/digital marketers are capable of marketing the things but at least he would get some results at least. The way he is promoting the brand is nothing but wastage of time and futile.

It is a story of many people who take digital marketing for granted or so lightly that they don’t even bother to explore it or understand its benefits. Even I know many good businessmen/brands who still are hoping that either traditional marketing would help them grow their business and compete with well-equipped competitors with digital marketing that has maximum consumers or they think that digital marketing or social media marketing is so easy that they would do it simply like they use Facebook and other apps ? Trust me, it’s not.

Digital marketing has its own dynamics. It includes many prominent forums with potential consumers as well including Google search, display, YouTube etc. But strange is that in Pakistan  the maximum users are on Facebook so to utilize it maximum, an expert team is needed who know how to design a campaign, have creative ideas to bring the brand in spotlight, mesmerizing text content to attract the people, pleasing image/video content and activities that engage the audience and bring more and more on daily basis. Proper attention of experts make your online outlet connected to your consumers and bringing more potential consumers to you plus they make sure your brand keeps roaring to show its presence in the online market.

As we know that the world is switching to an online market and it has already made it’s enough space across the world except for few countries where it is flourishing indeed promptly. Pakistan is one of those countries but the way it emerged in the past decade has really confused the traders who have a reputed position in the market yet new traders are simply winning the maximum consumers online. The reason is lack of creative people with sound knowledge of digital marketing. The expert knows how to make a thing to brand but many people will have to understand this. Running a campaign and using the maximum advantages of the skills is the main characteristics of this profession. Do not think that if you can drive a car, you can also make it. Every profession has its own experts.


I saw a sponsored post of a company makes agarbatti (incense stick) and I was so pleased to see that many understand that social media marketing is not only to sell but to remain in consumer’s eyes to be an option when he enters a supermarket. Having space in consumer memory should be your campaign aim not counting the things you sold out through the page except in the case of virtual/online business as they judge their strategies according to the sell. But for the brands having physical existence, should more emphasize on branding and promotions. Coke company doesn’t care how many cokes you drunk while listening to the coke studio, it aims to remain a part of your life for which they invest marketing budget like anything. They want you for a lifetime, not for a few songs.

It is good to see that people are understanding the need of the hour and diverting towards the online world where possibility has a new definition and borders which cover the whole globe. (This is also the reason I gave my digital agency the name of Zeroland).

If you want to become a social media marketer/digital marketer seek for knowledge and use your creativity, follow a realistic strategy called media planning and bring something different. You should know the fundamentals of designing a campaign including targeting your maximum audience out of every sponsored post.

If you are a businessman, trader or anyone who desires to grow as a brand, do not take the digital media for granted and lose the ground for your competitors. Hire professionals and ask for the results and ask him to show you insights as a progressive report every month. Either you acknowledge or not but in this digital era, no brand could survive without digital marketing.

It’s power if is used effectively. Make sure you use it or get it used by the hands where it would grow, not remain a dry plant. Because digital marketer can’t survive without delivering results and online business cannot survive without a strong digital marketing team. Because you need to be seen to your consumers daily. Because here in the world, Jo dikhta hai,wo Bikta hai.

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