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PAGE Annual 2019 (Facts & Figures)

Net FDI In Pakistan ($ Million)
Country2011-122012-132013-142014-152015-162016-172017-18Jul-Jun FY19 (R)Jul-Sep FY20 (P)
Hong Kong80.3242.6228.5136.293.317.2183.6144.40.5
CPEC Portfolio
Projects Status Cost (US$ M)
Energy (IPP financing mode)Completed4,979
Cross Border Optical Fiber Project (GCL)Completed37.4
DTMB (Grant)Completed4
Energy (IPP financing mode)Under Implementation18,258
Transport and Infrastructure (GCL) 3 projectsUnder Implementation5,830
Eastbay Expressway Gwadar (Interest free Loan)Under Implementation166
Gwadar City Master Plan and Airport (Grant)Under Implementation257
Energy (IPP financing mode)In Pipeline11,523
Main-Line-1 (ML-1) (GCL)In Pipeline8,250
Gwadar Projects (Grant) 6 projectsIn Pipeline357
Grand Total49,661.4
Source: Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform


Average Sector Wise Natural Gas Consumption in Million Cubic Feet per Day (Mmcfd) (July 2018 – Feb2019)
SectorGas Consumption in MMCFDRLNG Total
Power865546 1,411
Transport (CNG)13647183
General Industry485163648
Total 3,080785 3,865
Source: Ministry of Energy, Directorate General Gas
Eastern Alignment Projects
Sr. No. Project Name Length (Km) Status Implementation Period
1Khunjrab – Raikot including Atta Abad Lake335Completed
2Raikot – Thakot (N-35)270Planning Stage2018-23
3Thakot – Havelian (E-35)118Under Construction2016-20
4Havelian – Burhan (E-3559Completed2013- 19
5Ml – Gojra (M-1, M-2, M4)402Completed
6Gojra – Khanewal (M-4}127Under Construction2013-20
7Khanewal-Multan (M-4 Ext)57Completed
8Multan – Sukkur (M-5)392Under Construction2013-20
9Sukkur – Hyderabad (M-6)296Under Procurement2018-23
10Hyderabad – Karachi (M-9)136Substantially Completed2013-19
(June 2019)
11Sukkur – Shikarpur (N-65)40Completed
12Shikarpur – Ratodero (N-55)49Under Construction2018-23
13Ratodero- QubaSaeed Khan (M-8)59Completed


Microfinance Industry Indicators
IndicatorsDec-17Dec-18YoY Growth
Absolute change%
Number of Branches3,6734,23956615.4
Total No. of Borrowers5,800,4576,936,5541,136,09719.6
Gross Loan Portfolio (Rs billion)202.70274.707235.5
Average Loan Balance48,69555,1736,47813.3
Source: State Bank of Pakistan


Agriculture Growth Percentages In Pakistan (Base=2005-06) (P: Provisional)
Sector 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 (P)
Agriculture 2.68 2.50 2.13 0.15 2.18 3.94 0.85
i) Important Crops0.177.22-1.62-5.862.603.56-6.55
ii) Other Crops5.58-5.712.510.40-2.516.151.95
iii) Cotton Ginning-2.90-1.337.24-22.125.588.80-12.74
Sustainable Development Goals (Sdgs) National Framework
Goal 4: Quality Education (Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all)
National Priority Targets National Priority SDG Indicator National Baseline 2014-15 Target 2030
By 2030, ensure that all girls and boys complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education leading to relevant and effective learning outcomesProportion of children and young people: (a) in grades 2/3; (b) at the end of primary; and (c) at the end of lower secondary achieving at least a minimum proficiency level in (i) reading and (ii) mathematics, by sexTotal=57% Girls=53.0% Boys=60.0%Total=100% Girls=100.0% Boys=100.0%
By 2030, eliminate gender disparities in education and ensure equal access to all levels of education and vocational training for the vulnerable, including persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples and children in vulnerable situationsParity indices (female/male, rural/urban, bottom/top wealth quintile and others such as disability status, indigenous peoples and conflict affected, as data become available) for all education indicators on this list that can be disaggregatedGPI Primary=0.87GPI Primary=1.0
By 2030, ensure that all youth and a substantial proportion of adults, both men and women, achieve literacy and numeracyPercentage of population in a given age group achieving at least a fixed level of proficiency in functional (a) literacy and (b) numeracy skills, by sexTotal=60.0% Female=49.0% Male=70.0%Total=80.0% Female=69.0% Male=90.0%
Build and upgrade education facilities that are child, disability and gender sensitive and provide safe, non-violent, inclusive and effective learning environments for allProportion of schools with access to:(a) electricity: (b) the Internet for pedagogical purposes; (c) computers for pedagogical purposes; (d) adapted infrastructure and materials for students with disabilities; (e) basic drinking water; (f) single sex basic sanitation facilities; and (g) basic hand washing facilities (as per the WASH indicator definitions)Primary School Infrastructure: Electricity=53.0%; Drinking Water= 67.0%; Sanitation=67.0%Primary School Infrastructure; Electricity= 53.0%; Drinking Water=67.0%; Sanitation=67.0%
By 2030, substantially increase the supply of qualified teachers, including through international cooperation for teacher training in developing countries, especially least developed countries and small island developing StatesProportion of teachers in; (a) pre-primary; (b) Primary; (c) lower secondary; and (d) upper secondary education who have received at least the minimum organized teacher training (e.g. pedagogical training) pre-service or in-service required for teaching at the relevant level in a given country
Source: Ministry of Planning, Development & Reform

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