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*PM says Super 6 wind power projects provide affordable energy

Prime Minister Imran Khan has signed a deal for Wind-generated electricity project. The project will cost 450 million dollars and would produce 360 Megawatts of electricity which will then be added to the national grid. govinipic1Hailing the project as a long-term investment, the prime minister said that the short term planning taken by the governments in the past had left Pakistan in tatters, by harnessing the power of the wind to produce electricity a lot of good would be done for the country and the environment.

Pakistan’s economy has stabilized with all economic indicators moving on the positive trajectory. He also said rupee is gaining, stock market is showing optimistic sentiments, and exports are growing. Prime Minister also urged the government’s strategies are aimed at uplifting the poor segment of the society through creating utmost career opportunities for people.govinipic2 Furthermore, there is huge potential of hydroelectricity in Pakistan but costly electricity was produced through imported fuel. Imran Khan said the Super 6 wind power projects will provide affordable and environment friendly clean energy to the country. Expanding upon the notion, the prime minister continued that renewable energy resources cause the least damage to the increasingly endangered atmosphere, such initiatives don’t only ensure results but also demanded resources that were perpetually free.


Imran Khan also lamented the fact that Pakistan did not utilize the water resources available to the country for power generation and relied on expensive fuel generated electricity which weighed on the national exchequer and the environment. PM Imran Khan raised the alarm bells again on the very real and dangerous climate change issue which had been plaguing the world and demanded more reliance on renewable energy sources which did not adversely affect or catalyze climate change and the ozone layer. 320 million dollars out of the total cost was being arranged by International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group.


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