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SINA opens up high-quality advanced healthcare facilities

With its marvelous services, SINA Health, Education & Welfare Trust has been able to offer terrific medical facilities to those who cannot even afford two meals a day. SINA Health, Education & Welfare Trust is a renowned name in Pakistan. A recent addition of a clinic sponsored by Master Molty Foam at Sherpao Colony, Karachi would be vital in terms of treating over 32,000+ more deserving patients every year. More than 80% of the population residing in Sherpao Colony and its surrounding areas do not have access to affordable and quality primary healthcare. SINA is providing affordable and accessible quality primary healthcare to the inhabitants of this area with essential services of consultation, medicines, diagnostics through laboratory tests and ultrasound, treatment and referral service whenever required. Primary healthcare is a basic right of individual and helping deserving patients is a cause which SINA caters to. It has been observed that the promise of affordable access to quality primary healthcare is delivered in the clinics of SINA every day, and SINA has a comprehensive solution to primary healthcare challenge of Pakistan.


With the vision of providing quality primary healthcare accessible to those who need it the most, SINA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated towards providing affordable access to quality primary healthcare in urban slums of Karachi since 1998. SINA is 450+ people working together focused for one cause — to provide healthcare to the less privileged. Through 30 clinics, operating 08 hours a day, 06 days a week, round the year, in the heart of urban slums in all districts of Karachi, SINA provides quality primary healthcare to more than 800,000+ patients every year.


SINA’s greatest asset is its quality management system. This system is unique as it has adapted quality healthcare protocols used in developed healthcare systems for application in low-income settings. All doctors at SINA clinics are trained to use this protocol-based system and are evaluated by the medical team at the SINA-Head Office based on their performance every month. This is the foundation on which SINA believes a scalable quality primary healthcare system can be created to cater to the needs of less privileged communities across Pakistan. Therefore, SINA aims to replicate this system of primary healthcare across Pakistan.


SINA focuses on saving children from critical illnesses and death. SINA helps the society by providing help and awareness to women so they can take better care of their families and themselves. This also helps SINA to relieve the pressure on tertiary and secondary care hospitals by reducing their patients and sharing their burden. SINA’s in-house diagnostic service provides free and highly subsidized investigations including laboratory tests and ultrasounds. Samples are collected daily from SINA’s clinic collection points and are delivered to its centralized laboratory. The ultrasounds are performed by a qualified Sonologists at an exceptionally subsidized rate. For patients requiring specialized attention, SINA has developed a unique referral system whereby every patient who requires specialist opinion or secondary and tertiary care gets the opportunity to have access to qualified consultants in Karachi free-of-cost or at highly-subsidized rates. This assures high-quality advanced medical care to deserving patients who, owing to lack of awareness and financial constraints, may otherwise not have been able to get access to such secondary and tertiary care services.


Over the years, SINA has extended its network of clinics, touching new milestones and setting higher goals for the future. In 2013, approximately 100,000+ patients were treated at all SINA clinics collectively. This increased to approximately 300,000+ and 500,000+ in 2015 and 2016 respectively. By 2020, SINA aims to extend its network beyond Karachi to provide healthcare to an estimate of 1,000,000 patients annually. Perhaps the greatest asset that has helped SINA achieve these numbers, is its Quality Management System. This system is unique, in-line with quality healthcare protocols utilized in developed healthcare systems, and is applicable in low-income settings. Simply put, this system is the foundation on which we believe a scalable quality primary healthcare system can be created to cater to the needs of underprivileged individuals across Pakistan.

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