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Where Air Pollution Cuts Life Expectancy the Most

by Martin Armstrong

In the face of extremely high levels of air pollution in the Indian capital city of New Delhi, authorities have taken the decision to ban the use of a large number of cars from 4 to 15 November. Those with a number plate ending in an odd number will not be allowed to drive there on ‘odd’ dates, and vice versa for even-numbered cars.

According to reporting by Reuters, the U.S. Embassy air quality index indicates a current level which can cause “serious aggravation of heart and lung disease, and premature mortality in people with existing diseases and the elderly”. As this infographic shows, India as a whole has some of the most dangerously polluted air in the world. The Health Effects Institute’s latest ‘State of Global Air‘ report calculates the estimated years of life expectancy lost due current air pollution levels, with India in place 8 and an average of 1.53 years cut due to PM2.5 exposure.


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