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Netflix to release Sharmeen’s ‘Sitara- Let girls dream’

Netflix to release Sharmeen’s ‘Sitara- Let girls dream’


Published in The Nation on Oct 29th, 2019,

KARACHI-Netflix, the world’s leading internet entertainment service, is all set to release SharmeenObaid-Chinoy’s SITARA: LET GIRLS DREAM in 2020 which will be available in over 190 countries. Indeed, SITARA is the first Pakistani Animated Film to be released and distributed by NETFLIX USA.

Written and directed by two-time Academy and three-time Emmy Award-winning director SharmeenObaid-Chinoy, SITARA: LET GIRLS DREAM takes the audience on a journey through the old city of Lahore, where, Pari, a fourteen-year-old girl dreams of becoming a pilot and whose story is told through the perspective of her younger sister, Mehr.

It is a story about the burdens of a family and the impact of a culture where girls are still struggling to fully realize their dreams. SITARA is a silent film [no dialogues] which embodies this struggle.

“Waadi Animations is proud to have created an animated short that is at par with the best of the world and we are delighted that SITARA will be available to a global audience on Netflix. We hope it will lead to thoughtful discussions as we also begin screening the film in schools and community centers around the world. We strongly believe that Investing in the dreams of young girls will lead to a more equitable world.” said SharmeenObaid-Chinoy.


Chinoy had earlier launched a campaign with GUCCI’s social impact initiative Chime for Change to #LetGirlsDream by encourage girls around the world to share their dreams and gain inspiration from one another. A robust school outreach program is already underway across the world to encourage girls to hold meaningful conversations about their dreams and how to achieve them.

The music for SITARA has been composed by Grammy and Emmy Award-Winning composer Laura Karpman. Finances and produced by VICE Studios, the film’s Executive Producers include Gloria Steinem, the iconic women’s rights activist, and Darla Anderson, the Academy Award Winning producer of Coco and Toy Story 3, VICE Media Group CEO Nancy Dubuc, and Emmy-nominated Ariel Wengroff as well as Sharmeen’s animation production company Waadi Animation with ImkeFehrmann as the producer for SITARA: LET GIRLS DREAM.

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