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FFC role towards food security through enhancing agri productivity

Fertilizer contribution to food production is around 50% and FFC is one of the major stakeholder of agriculture sector through its fertilizer business. Our premium quality fertilizers alongwith advisory services for farmers on modern cultivation techniques help increasing crop output and enhances the production capacity of land, which is an imperative to ensure sustainable agri. productivity to meet the nutritional needs of the growing population & raw material for agriculture industry. Implementation of 4Rs nutrient stewardship helps providing balanced crop nutrition, protecting plants from diseases, and ultimately optimum crop yields.

Pakistan’s key natural resources are arable land and water. Agriculture accounts for about 18.5% of Pakistan’s GDP and provides 38.5% employment to the national labor force. Company has devoted its resources towards understanding and developing a comprehensive program addressing problems faced by agriculture sector. This included services of best agriculture experts and state of the art soil, water, fertilizer and plant testing laboratories. Since 1981, FFC has worked on the capacity building and support of farmers, through its Agri Services Program. Our farm advisory services are an integrated approach of agronomic, extension and soil testing activities. Agri. Services team develops and provides package of crop production technology keeping in view area, crops, socio-economic condition of the farmers and future prospects of the crops. Company keeps a close liaison with research institutes to transfer the latest findings to the farming community through our farm advisory services. FFC Agri Services team have laid out 5258 crop demonstrations, conducted 726 seminars, 401 training programs for officials of allied public/private organizations, 25,883 group discussion ,59,870 farms visits of progressive grower and 19,229 other farmer capacity building programs. FFC Soil & Water Testing Labs have analyzed more than 555,907 soil samples along with 14,600 samples for micronutrients (Zinc, Boron & Iron). The program, one of the largest in the region has tapped around 2.2 million farmers to date.

Farmers are also getting benefits from company published material like Fertilizer Guidebook, Fertilizer Recommendation book, quarterly Zarai Report, twenty-two crop, vegetable, orchard, soil reclamation brochures, posters and pamphlets containing latest information. Farmers are kept updated on operational requirements of crops and weather advisory around the year through SMS services. Company launched toll free helpline (from landline) services 0800-00332 effective December 28, 2015, which helps farmers in having emergent solutions of their issues.

Keeping pace with innovations in ICT, Company has been extending the facility of e-agriculture for farmers. The Kashtkar Desk has been developed on corporate website (www.ffc.com.pk) to facilitate the farmers. The published Agri literature and crop documentaries are uploaded and regularly updated to assist the farmers in profitable farming.


Corporate Social Responsibility is a vibrant and enduring element of FFC Business Operations. With passage of time company has expanded and magnified its CSR portfolio, making it the most vital part of business strategy. Being member of UN Global Compact in 2010, our mandate, vision and goal is aligned with international thrust towards a sustainable and prosperous future. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are fundamental to our practices and involvements.

FFC owing to its rich legacy of aiding and assisting small and medium farmers has embarked on a milestone initiative which is aimed at addressing food security and nitrogen footprints in Pakistan through “Farmer Community Centers”. Envisioned to be established across Pakistan, the multifaceted centers will converge social, economic and progressive agriculture solutions under one roof for farmers and populace at large. The Centre is also providing microfinancing solution for farmers to upgrade their agriculture infrastructure for maximized yield, provision of low cost agri. implements and latest technology like laser levelling besides other farmer capacity building tools. The first center has been operational at RYK which is already disbursing these services to the local community and farmers at large. Upto six centers spread across Pakistan are envisioned in the coming years. Like minded partners from Pakistan and worldwide have also expressed keen interest towards the project and several MOU’s have been signed between FFC and partners.

FFC is operating Fertilizer Research Centre at Faisalabad and is carrying out R&D work to developvalue added products (slow release fertilzers, biologically enhanced fertilizers, micronutrients & N-inhibiting fertilizers etc.), which would increase agricultural output, improve farm economics and clean environment by reducing pollution.

FFC is also concerned with the health of the individuals and working on human nutritional deficiencies. Zinc deficiency is a global public health problem, affecting 17% of the world’s population, with the greatest burden in low & middle income countries. In Pakistan, more than 40% women are zinc deficient ultimately resulting in low infant mortality. FFC is running the “Bio-fortification with Zinc and Iron for Eliminating Deficiencies (BiZiFED)” project which aims to investigate the impact of bio-fortification as a strategy to alleviate zinc deficiency in Pakistan. This project is supported by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), Global Challenges Research Fund. The findings will contribute to the evidence base for the potential impact of bio fortification to alleviate zinc deficiency among the poorest communities.

FFC will continue with its commitment to play its role for sustainable agriculture development, ensuring national food security by promoting Best Management Practices focusing farming community of the country.

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