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Hunarmand App Launched to Provide Jobs & Training to Pakistani Youth:

National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTCC), in collaboration with USAID, launched an application named ‘Hunarmand’, which will provide job opportunities for young people as it will link the skilled youth with the employers. With funding from the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the Punjab Youth Workforce Development Project developed this mobile app in partnership with the National Vocational & Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) to help the youth get information on short-term employment opportunities and to help employers find skilled labor and grow their companies.

Mi Pakistan to Discount Redmi Note 6 Pro, Redmi Go, Mi Band 4 & More in Summer End Sale:

Xiaomi Pakistan is offering amazing discounts on its most demanding products every month. So once again Xiaomi Pakistan is back with an exciting Summer End Sale. This Sale will continue for 3 days and it will include many terrific products like Redmi Note 6 Pro, Mi Band 4, Mi Sphere Camera Kit, Redmi Go, Mi 8 Lite etc.Each day you will be surprised with something new. So be ready and mark your calendars, this sale will start from 4th October at 12 AM and it will last till 6th October. Follow this link to avail these extraordinary discounts: mistore.pk.  

Microsoft Unveils Foldable Surface Duo With a 360 Degree Hinge:

This year’s Microsoft surface event was full of surprises. The most unexpected device announced was the Microsoft Surface Duo, which has been rumored for a while now, but nobody expected it to be a dual-screen folding smartphone.

Featuring Surface Neo-like design elements in a smaller form factor, this Android device will come with two 5.6-inch displays with massive bezels, allowing it to be fully unfolded into a miniature 8.3-inch tablet since the display hinges will allow 360 degrees rotation. Both displays will have the ability to run different applications at the same time.

Taking a Look at Vivo S1 With 4GB RAM:

The Vivo S1 is a design-oriented smartphone with a triple-lens primary camera, Super AMOLED display, in-display fingerprint sensor and 128GB of storage. Its 6GB variant originally arrived in Pakistan at a price point of Rs 50,000. It has now returned with 4GB of RAM, but also a much more affordable price tag. You can now grab a Vivo S1 for only Rs 36,000, with all the features and specifications you had on the original variant. The only difference is that it now has 4GB of RAM.

Daraz Breaks the Fourth Wall with Ali Rehman and Saboor Aly in New Campaign:

Daraz, the leading online marketplace in Pakistan, has launched two interactive TV advertisements featuring A-list celebrities, Ali Rehman and Suboor Aly. The ads follow innovative formats that break the fourth wall and effectively engage customers by including direct calls-to-action.A two-way communication channel opens up in one of the ads when Ali Rehman asks the viewers to help him guess a code. He directs them to log onto the Daraz app, click on his icon on the homescreen and try to guess the code which in turn serves as a voucher code.

Mistore Offers Special Discount on the Mi 9T for its Summer End Sale:

As you all know that Summer End Sale is going to start and Mistore.pk is coming with a giant discount offer on Mi 9T which will be above the expectations of Mi Fans and Mi Lovers. This time Mistore.pk has decided to surprise all of you and give you a mind boggling deal on Mi 9T.Original Price of Mi 9T is Rs61,999 but in Summer End Sale, you can grab it for just 57,999.

Realme 5 Series With Quad Cameras Launched in Pakistan:

Underscoring its “Dare to Leap” proposition in the market, realme, one of the fastest growing smartphone brands in Pakistan, has unveiled its first quad-camera smartphones – realme 5 and realme 5 Pro, both equipped with Qualcomm Technologies’ mobile platforms, Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 665 and 712 that provide users with outstanding performance. Both realme 5 and realme 5 Pro will feature a quad camera setup with ultra wide-angle lens, main camera, portrait lens and ultra macro lens.

New WhatsApp Flaw Compromises Image Gallery:

Recently, a researcher going by the name ‘Awakened’ discovered a vulnerability in WhatsApp which stems from the double-free bug in the app. For those who don’t know, a double-free bug is a memory corruption issue that can crash apps and make way for hackers by opening an exploit vector to steal data. All the hacker needs to do is modify a GIF to make it malicious, send it to the victim and wait for him/her to open the WhatsApp gallery.The researcher published the technical write up on GitHub where he explains that the issue sits in the view implementation of WhatsApp gallery.

Oppo Rumored to Launch Quad-Camera Reno 2 in Pakistan:

Rumor has it that Oppo is going to launch the next version of its Reno series in Pakistan. There have been some leaks regarding the launch of the device, mostly about its internals.

The Reno 2’s quad-cameras on the back are rumored to be 48MP+8MP+13MP+2MP and support 5x hybrid zoom, Ultra Dark Mode, Ultra Steady Video and AI technology. The 16MP front camera will probably reside in the sliding shark-fin like its predecessor since it was its identifying feature.


Facebook can be ordered to remove posts worldwide:

Facebook and similar apps and websites can be ordered to take down illegal posts worldwide after a landmark ruling from the EU’s highest court.Platforms may also have to seek out similar examples of the illegal content and remove them, instead of waiting for each to be reported.One expert said it was a significant ruling with global implications.Facebook said the judgement raised “critical questions around freedom of expression”.

Google ‘tracking iPhone users’ case goes ahead:

Legal action brought against Google for allegedly tracking the personal data of four million iPhone users can go ahead in the UK, three judges have ruled.

The case had previously been blocked by the High Court. It was brought by Richard Lloyd, former director of the consumer rights group Which? Google said in response: “The case relates to events that took place nearly a decade ago and that we addressed at the time.””We believe it has no merit and should be dismissed,” it added.

Apple bans Hong Kong protest location app:

Apple has removed a crowd-sourced app that tracks the location of protesters and police in Hong Kong. For some, the app was seen as a way for protesters to stay safe, while others saw it as a way to evade the police. Apple told app creators it “facilitates, enables, or encourages an activity that is not legal” – but it is still available on Google’s app store.

Apple has not said whether the decision to ban it was in response to a request from the Chinese authorities.Tensions in Hong Kong have risen in recent weeks, with one protester shot by local police this week in his chest.

Facebook encryption threatens public safety:

UK Home Secretary Priti Patel has sent an open letter to Facebook calling on the firm to rethink its plans to encrypt all messages on its platforms.The policy threatens “lives and the safety of our children”, she said.

She feels it could hamper international efforts to grant law enforcers faster access to private messages on social media, as agreed between the UK and US.Facebook said: “We believe people have the right to have a private conversation online.”The head of Facebook-owned WhatsApp Will Cathcart posted on Hacker News: “End-to-end encryption protects that right for over a billion people every day.”He added that he was not aware of “discussions that would force us to change our product”.

Facebook said it is “consulting closely with child safety experts, governments and technology companies and devoting new teams and sophisticated technology” to keep people safe.

Uber launches job app for gig economy workers:

Uber is testing new ground with an app to put casual workers in touch with employers, as it faces an increasingly tough climate for its core ride-hailing business.

Uber Works will allow cleaners, bar staff and warehouse workers to compare pay rates and sign up for shifts.The app, which launches on Friday, will initially only be available in Chicago.It will compete with a range of rival apps in the US market including Wonolo, Workpop and Shiftgig.

Why are so few women inventors named on patents?:

It’s easy to list some of the many everyday items invented and patented by women – the dishwasher, windscreen wipers, the board game Monopoly, to name but a few – but the world is still failing to take full advantage of women’s innovative ideas, a report suggests. Women inventors account for just under 13% of patent applications globally, according to the study, by the UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO). That’s one female inventor for every seven male ones.

And although the proportion among patent applications is increasing, at the current rate it won’t reach gender parity until 2070. So, why are there so few women in the world of inventing?Researchers attribute the gap to a lack of women working in science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem). According to Penny Gilbert, partner at intellectual property law firm Powell & Gilbert, it’s simply a pipeline issue.

Google faces winged-monkey privacy protest:

Google has angered a privacy expert by repeatedly identifying him as a “dwarf character actor” famous for playing a winged monkey in The Wizard of Oz. Pat Walshe told BBC News he had had the issue resolved twice, only to discover last week it had happened again. The issue involves his photo being run next to text from another source about a dead American who had the same name. He now aims to make an official complaint to data privacy watchdogs. Google has once again fixed the flaw.

How a horrible goose topped the gaming chart:

Against all the odds, an unnamed goose has topped the download charts on the Nintendo Switch console in the UK and Australia.It has even beaten one of Nintendo’s own highly-anticipated games, the Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.It all started two years ago, with a photo of a goose shared in a group chat.

The small team of game developers discussed what made geese so amusing.Was it their “crazy” colouring? Their “frowning” faces? Perhaps simply their “honking noise”?They decided to make the creature the star of their next game, and posted a teaser video on YouTube.”We had very little expectation of attention,” says Jake Strasser from the House House studio.

GoPro Hero 8 Black targets vloggers with add-on modules:

GoPro’s new flagship action camera is designed to connect to a new range of hardware add-ons targeted at vloggers. But experts suggest that other improvements are relatively minor, meaning the Hero 8 Black may be a tough sell.GoPro remains the bestselling action cam brand in much of the world.But the firm posted a loss in its last two quarters and is facing competition from China’s DJI, which entered the market with a rival product in May.

Last year’s GoPro launch – the Hero 7 Black – delivered a vast improvement to in-body stabilisation, leading its chief executive to claim it was a “gimbal killer “- a reference to the fact it did not require add-on equipment to produce smooth footage.

TalkTalk hacker Elliott Gunton: Parents acted out of ‘misguided loyalty’:

The parents of a teenage hacker acted with a “misguided sense of loyalty” by helping him transfer ill-gotten cryptocurrency, a judge has said.At Norwich Crown Court, Carlie and Jason Gunton admitted transferring their son Elliott’s criminal property.

Gunton, 19, was sentenced to 20 months in August for hacking offences and money laundering.Jason Gunton, 45, received a five-month jail sentence and Carlie Gunton three months, both suspended for a year.Their son, of Old Catton, near Norwich, whose computer was seized during checks by police in April 2018, admitted hacking the telecommunications firm TalkTalk. A stash of cryptocurrency the BBC understands belonged to the teenager was auctioned earlier this week.

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