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Poverty Alleviation, CSR & Micro Financing (Facts & Figures)

Microfinance Industry Indicators
IndicatorsDec-17Dec-18YoY Growth
Absolute change%
Number of Branches3,6734,23956615.4
Total No. of Borrowers5,800,4576,936,5541,136,09719.6
Gross Loan Portfolio (Rs billion)202.70274.707235.5
Average Loan Balance48,69555,1736,47813.3
Source: State Bank of Pakistan
PPAF Disbursement By Operating Units/Special Initiatives Rs Million
S. No. Program Components Financial Progress
1.Institutional Development and Social Mobilization (ID/SM)245
2.Livelihood Enhancement and Protection (LEP)153
3.Water and Infrastructure (W&I)186
4.Education, Health and Nutrition (EHN)123
5.Interest Free Loan (IFL)49

Active Borrowers, Active Savers And Active Policy Holders
Active BorrowersValue
(Rs million)
Active SaversValue
(Rs million)
Policy HoldersSum Insured
(Rs million)
Increase/decrease (Net)1,136,09772,0084,308,88553,0221,143,40150,103
Increase/Decrease (%)20%36%14%28%16%25%
*: Calendar Year
Source: Pakistan Microfinance Network (PMN)

Disbursement Of Zakat
Federal Areas/
% ShareAllocated Budget
Federal Areas7% of total Zakat Collection has been distributed amongst federal Areas
ICT35.14% of 7%181.476
Gilgit Baltistan18.57 % of 7%95.902
FATA46.29 % of 7%239.059
Total Federal516.437
Provincial Share of provinces after deduction of above federal payment is as per their share
Punjab57.36 % of 93 %3935.608
Sindh23.71 % of 93 %1626.800
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa13.82% of 93 %948.224
Balochistan5.11 % of 93 %350.609
Total Provincial6861.241
G. Total7377.678
Source: Ministry of Religious Affairs and Inter-Faith Harmony

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