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Naya Nazimabad Gymkhana – A Piece Of Heaven

Karachi, a metropolis larger than any other in the country, continues to grow unstoppably defending its identity as the business hub of Pakistan. It is the cultural, economic, generous, educational, and political center of the country.

Karachi, which is known as the City of Lights, now a days have become a problematic city which is surrounded by unplanned infrastructure, wreckages in utility lines, bumpy and inundated roads and poor sewerage condition. These problems have effected the people of Karachi drastically due to which people are more concerned to their physical and mental health.

There was an era when Karachi was known for its sportsmen. The city has produced a lot of famous sports personalities in the field of cricket, hockey, snooker, athletes and other sports. Local club and gymkhana teams contributed so much to raise the level of sportsmanship amongst the players. In the late 18th century, there were few clubs who were providing facilities to their members to play cricket, hockey, badminton and billiard. It is also a fact that due to the modernization of technology when everyone is so much addicted to the usage of smart phones and computer gaming, new generation is so much distant from the field games, which are detrimental to the physical health.

When you talk about Karachi, it is significant to note that the city is demographically expended exponentially in few years without any proper planning from the concerned authorities even to date, we do not have a comprehensive Master Plan. Parks and play grounds are cut down and are intentionally or unintentionally converted into a garbage area. It is a need of the time that someone comes up with the idea to promote and give chance to the young guns of our generation. To address this issue, Naya Nazimabad has come up with the idea to construct state of the art Gymkhana, which would not only the good addition to the existing sporting facilities of the city but also it would be helpful in nurturing the young blood to flourish in the current scenario. It is pertinent to note that Naya Nazimabad is accessible from five different routes and are minutes away from Green Line BRTS station located at Sakhi Hassan North Nazimabad.

Currently, the construction of the Naya Nazimabad Gymkhana – NNG with a vision that it would be a dynamic and exciting action center for its members to spend their leisure time equipped with the state of the art recreational facilities, quality food, services, cleanliness and greenery. Almost all renowned clubs/gymkhanas are located in south of Karachi while there is no such estate of the art Club in Central/West & East districts of Karachi having population of more than 6 million people. The main objective of the management of Naya Nazimabad Gymkhana would be torecognized as the best club in Karachi and to be the preferred choice of guest rooms for all travelers. It would be a place for friends and families to come together to unwind, relax, indulge and love life especially for children to compete, engage, share and grow in a healthy and sporting environment.


Naya Nazimabad Gymkhana is located within the secure perimeter of Naya Nazimabad. A one stop leisure destination where you can meet with friends, family, build a social network. Members can really kick off their evenings and weekends and unwind the body, mind and soul. Naya Nazimabad Gymkhana – NNG includes 48 executive guest rooms having five star resident facilities with one top of the line executive floor having business center. Guest rooms is one of the attraction to attract corporate clients for staying their guest as there are no such luxurious hotels available in the locality especially near SITE and District Central area. The residents or members of NN would be able to make their outstation guests & experience five star services in NNG at an affordable price as compare to other hotels. NNG members shall utilize the guest rooms at a discounted rates.

NNG shall provide all the recreational facilities to the sports lovers providing them the exclusive feature of giving training through the specialized trainers so that it would give a chance to the young legs to represent themselves on national/international level as it will be equipped with International scale sports facilities. Overseas Pakistani can also avail this residential facility with all international standard sports facilities including health facilities along with four different restaurants.

Cricket ground, football ground, basketball, futsal, mini hockey ground, horse riding, billiard, squash, tennis, table tennis, chess table etc. will be a part of Naya Nazimabad Gymkhana. This state of the art Gymkhana shall have four restaurants covering variety of food including desi, continental, Chinese cuisines in the presence of well-trained chefs to deliver the delicious food to our members at an affordable prices. A full gym with high quality equipment, sauna, spa, yoga, jacuzzi, swimming pools and all key sports facilities will also be available to boost healthier lifestyles for the community as a whole. Meeting rooms/conference hall/banquet hall shall also be the part to cater the need of professionals and corporate clients.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has also arranged domestic matches in Naya Nazimabad Cricket Ground. Naya Nazimabad Ramazan Tournament is one of the renowned local tournament held in Pakistan during the month of Ramazan. Renowned cricketers from all over Pakistan take part in the said tournament. Naya Nazimabad is working on to arrange trials and warm-up matches of PSL-V and a tournament just like Hong Kong Super Sixes Tournament, at Naya Nazimabad Gymkhana Cricket Ground. Work is also underway to arrange a floodlight football, futsal and basketball tournament. Cricket Academy is also operational under well-trained coaching staff. School, colleges, universities, clubs and departments are already using with available sports facilities.

The charm of this Gymkhana is to provide cultured middle-class a community living by enhancing their quality of life. Remarkably the membership fee shall be lower as compared to some renowned clubs of Karachi with even better products and services. This Gymkhana shall be the ideal place for friends and families to boost up their socializing activities. We hope that this Gymkhana will be a valuable addition for Karachiites, which will surely transform Naya Nazimabad into a model Sports City.

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