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Protecting the Environment & the Blue Economy (Facts & Figures)

Annual Financial Needs For Safely Managed Wash Services –PKR in Million
S.NoDescription Urban RuralTotal
Water Sanitation Water Sanitation
1New Services: Basic Access13,96812,7978,59528,54363,883
2New Services: Safely Managed62,63048,904113,736123,099348,369
3Sustaining existing services: Basic Access16,63511,10011,11020,73559,580
4Sustaining existing services: Safely Managed36,22911,10033,46120,735101,525
6Overall Financing Needs98,84960,004147,197143,834449,894
Agriculture Growth Percentages (Base=2005-06)
Sector 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 (P)
Agriculture 2.68 2.50 2.13 0.15 2.18 3.94 0.85
i) Important Crops0.177.22-1.62-5.862.603.56-6.55
ii) Other Crops5.58-5.712.510.40-2.516.151.95
iii) Cotton Ginning-2.90-1.337.24-22.125.588.80-12.74
P: Provisional, Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics
Pakistan: Plants In Millions
Season Target Achievement Survival Rate
Spring 2018102.484.3276%
Monsoon 201847.4455.19578%
Spring 2019141.72


Gwadar Port
ConstructedPhase I: (2002-2006) 12.5 meters (41 feet) max draft (hull)of channels
Phase II: (2007–2029) 20.5 m (67 ft) max draft of channels
Phase III: (2030–2045) 24.5 m (80 ft) max draft of channels
No. of berthsCurrent: 3 in 2018
Phase I: 3 by 2006
Phase II: 75 by 2029
Phase III: 150 by 2045
Land area2,292 Acre Free Trade Area
OperatorChina Overseas Port Holding Company (2016-2059)Type of ships:


Phase I (Current): Bulk carriers of 30,000 Deadweight tonnage(DWT), and container Panamax vessels of 52,000 (DWT)
Phase II (Proposed): 200,000 (DWT) Neopanamax vessels
Phase III (Proposed): 400,000+ (DWT) Chinamax (Valemax) vessels, and TI-class supertanker
Annual TEUCurrent (2018): Total capacity of 30 million (tonnes) of cargo per year
Phase I: 11 million (tonnes) of cargo per year
Phase II: 200 million (tonnes) of cargo per year
Phase III: 400 million (tonnes) of cargo per year
CPEC Portfolio
Projects Status Cost(US$ M)
Energy (IPP financing mode)Completed4,979
Cross Border Optical Fiber Project (GCL)Completed37.4
DTMB (Grant)Completed4
Energy (IPP financing mode)Under Implementation18,258
Transport and Infrastructure (GCL) 3 projectsUnder Implementation5,830
Eastbay Expressway Gwadar (Interest free Loan)Under Implementation166
Gwadar City Master Plan and Airport (Grant)Under Implementation257
Energy (IPP financing mode)In Pipeline11,523
Main-Line-1 (ML-1) (GCL)In Pipeline8,250
Gwadar Projects (Grant) 6 projectsIn Pipeline357
Grand Total 49,661.4
Source: Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform
Cargo, Container Handling & Ship Movement At Karachi Port (000 tons)
Fiscal YearImports Exports Total %Change
Imports Exports Total
2017-18 (Jul-Ma)31,7899,20640,995
2018-19 (Jul-Mar)24,94510,41535,361-2213-14

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