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Pakistan’s nobility and self-respect the persistent aim of the VIP flags

Pakistan’s nobility and self-respect the persistent aim of the VIP flags

Interview with Sheikh Nisar Ahmed Parcham Walay, MD VIP FLAGS

Profile: Sheikh Nisar Ahmed Parcham Walay was born in Delhi, India in August 1947. He completed his graduation in 1965 and migrated to Pakistan in 1967 with no money in hand. He started his business first by taking experience in a textile mill and after 2 years, he was able to start his own factory initially with 4 power looms and then gradually increased number of looms and production in cloth industry. In 1985, he sets up his company named VIP FLAGS and started his flag business. At that time in Pakistan, the flags were made with hands and star and crescent of Pakistan flag were made by stitching and there was no concept of printed flags. He started the production of printed flags with no-joint in green and white part and first time printed crescent and star were introduced in local market by the VIP FLAGS. That brought about a big boom in flag market and from that time VIP FLAGS has become the biggest flag manufacturer in Pakistan.

Pakistan and Gulf Economist had an exclusive conversation with Sheikh Nisar Ahmed Parcham Walay regarding the Independence Day celebrations in Pakistan. Following are the excerpts of the conversation:

In 2004, Shell Pakistan ordered our company to produce world’s largest flag. It is still an honor for being the manufacturer of the world’s largest flag measuring 173,400 square feet and to put the name in The Guinness Book of Records now known as Guinness World Records. VIP FLAGS is proud for being the first and biggest flag manufacturing firm making and exporting quality flags to almost all parts of the world. Although Chinese-made flags have catered a big part of market but it is due to the wrong perception that Chinese flags are cheaper. Not everything from China is cheaper. Pakistan is one of the leading textile manufacturing countries of the world and we are competing with Chinese-made flags in UAE and other Gulf countries. Yes the accessories and other items like badges, masks, caps and other decorative items are cheaper and are better in quality. But flags are definitely not better than VIP FLAGS.

Adopting latest technology always plays vital role for the survival of every business. VIP FLAGS takes every latest technology of printing from screen printing to rotary printing from flat belt printing to sublimation printing. Use of heat cutting technology doesn’t require stitched edges and thread ends don’t come out due to sealed edges in heavy winds. Since 1984, continuous use of latest technology and delivering finest quality of flags on time, VIP FLAGS has got the loyalty of its customers and every year we get huge orders for the Independence Day from Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis also, especially from the UAE and the UK.


Unfortunately in Pakistan nobody can tell about the exact figures of sale and purchase of flags and accessories but it seems that during past 8 to 10 years there is a big business activity. We as big manufacturer can give you our experience. We start our production of Pakistan flag for the August sale in January every year. It starts from yarn to finish products. We try to complete all the productions upto 30 June and from 1st July we completely focus on sales. Also every year this is our practice to introduce atleast one new product in the local market. Currently we are producing 120 items related to flags and accessories. The range includes in printed Flags sizes from 6″ x 4″ upto 6 feet x 12 feet in different fabrics. Also there is a big variety of Hand Flags in different sizes and qualities. Car Flags, Motorcycle flags, Table flags, Indoor flags, Big flags for buildings and outdoor flags also available in different qualities.

There is a big variety of badges and lapel badges which can be seen in our production list. T-shirts, polo shirts and caps of different styles with head bands which are also produced in our factory. Our success in market is based on our quality and prices. We always try to introduce our product for all parts of the society. There is a 5 rupees flag as well as 500,000 rupees flag available for any requirement. Usually we deal in big quantities but our moto is not to send any customer empty hand. That is why we take any order from customers.

In 1971, after the Fall of Dhaka there was a need for the nation to celebrate any occasion in the name of country to get the new spirit and feelings of enthusiasm for the nation. So it started from there and gradually the celebrations increased. During the times of Zia-ul-Haq government, the celebrations started at the national level and after that every year people started spending the whole day celebrating Jashn-e Azadi throughout the country.

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