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Top consumer home appliances companies in Pakistan

The advancement in technology, over the last few decades, has completely changed the outlook of the world and so our lives. From using ATM machines to paying online bills, from ordering favorite food to sending out invitations, from booking cabs to giving feedback to a restaurant… everything is happening on fingertips. In short, greater part of the world has been digitized. The ultimate usage of digital resources in our lives gave rise to e-commerce businesses. Today, by just typing the name of any top-leading brand on Google will land you on their e-commerce website. This enormous advancement has made it easier for customers to browse through hundreds of brands and thousands of products within a few minutes on search engines.

When it comes to online shopping in Pakistan, you can’t just deny the fact that Pakistan is one of those technology-infested countries where thousands of users buy their favorite products daily through different websites. You can find from anything to everything online in Pakistan. In this growing online buying and selling business, many times it becomes difficult to choose the right brand to get the right product. While there are many trustworthy brands out there, you will also find some unreliable and unrecognized online stores misrepresenting their services and products, making fool out of the buyers. Following are some of the top consumer electronic and home appliances companies in Pakistan.


Established since 1986, Surmawala has been providing electronic goods, home appliances, bikes, and other products from the top-leading brands of Pakistan under one roof. The company started off with a single shop and today successfully owns more than 100 outlets across the country. Surmawala brought the concept of easy-to-pay installment plans, enabling(specifically the salaried people) to buy necessary goods without worrying about their monthly budgets or having the need to acquire loans.


Orient is a consumer goods company who over the past decade has evolved as a brand by completely revolutionizing the lifestyles of thousands of people across the country. It is one of the top-tier home appliances manufacturers. Being one of the fastest growing enterprises, they have emerged as a symbol of innovation in Pakistan. Orient has always lived up to its reputation of enabling people to live in innovation both in the form of delivering high-grade home appliances and impeccable service.


DWP group

DWP Group is a leading provider of products, service and solutions in the field of consumer electronics and technology. Globally acclaimed, they offer highly reliable products with cutting-edge technology from the world’s best engineered companies and experts.


Haier is the leader in the home appliances market in Pakistan with an overall market share of 32 percent. Haier leads in most major home appliance categories including air conditioners and washing machines and refrigerators and deep freezers. To date, it is the only company in Pakistan producing locally assembled laptops. Aggressively implementing a policy of taking Haier to the doorsteps of the people, Haier Pakistan has built up a strong sales and distribution network comprising of 3,000 dealerships and dedicated sales shops covering the length and breadth of Pakistan. This is supported by an equally strong network of after sales service and maintenance outlets manned by well trained technicians.

Apart from the above, there are a few e-commerce companies in electronics/home appliances area that are making their presence felt like Tejar, GoShop, HomeShopping and Shophive etc. When it comes to consumer finance, banks too, are not far behind in extending personal loans for consumer durable items. Some of the banks extending this facility are:

  • Standard Chartered Bank (Saadiq Installment Plan)
  • JS Bank (Solar Panel Financing)
  • Meezan Bank (Consumer Ease)
  • Bank Alfalah (Sharp home appliances)
  • Soneri Bank (Personal Finance)
  • Bank of AJK (Home Appliances Finance)
The writer is a Karachi based freelance columnist and is a banker by profession. He could be reached on Twitter @ReluctantAhsan

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