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Jazz wins big at Pakistan digi awards 2019:

Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital communications company, has won two awards at the Pakistan Digi Awards over the weekend. The company won awards in the categories of Best Social Media Campaign and Best Digital Campaign for their Mega Super Duper and Super Duper Cards, respectively.

The Pakistan Digi Awards came back for the third time this year – to recognize campaigns that left a mark on the Pakistani Digital marketing landscape. A Jury Panel that consisted of a mix of leaders from the Digital Marketing and Technology industry were presented with case studies sent in by advertisers.

EaseUS Data recovery wizard is available at a 50pc discount:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 12.9.1is the latest version of a powerful system recovery software; designed to enable you to recover files you’ve accidentally deleted, potentially lost to malware or inaccessible due to a hard drive issue.

Although it is a minor version update, you’ll find a host of enhancements. Recovery from FAT drives has been improved, a reduction in the number of scans will now reduce the time required to find and recover files, SSD recovery has been tweaked, whilst there’s now improved support for 4K drives under Windows 10. The UI received a much-needed visual improvement with the new version 12.9, too.

Huawei mate 30 pro to feature mysterious new rear camera design [leak]:

Huawei’s Mate series is known for having massive displays, large batteries and a premium looking design. Earlier leaks have shown us that the upcoming flagship will feature a circular camera module on the rear. And now, another leaked render has surfaced on the internet that showcases what the circular camera module might look like. The render from Slashleaks shows Huawei moving away from the current square camera array found on the Mate 20 Pro. This model has four lenses and a flash module, each positioned near the edges of the circular housing.

Zong 4g & Huawei successfully test China mobile’s first FDD dual-band massive MIMO:

Zong 4G and Huawei have successfully conducted the trial of first FDD dual-band massive MIMO FOA for China Mobile. The introduction of the FDD dual-band massive MIMO technology, the dual-band (1.8G&2.1G)will enhance the network’s in-depth coverage & capacity capabilities for Zong 4G’s valuable customers.

With this new feature, the network capacity will increase by 3-to-5 folds, offering seamless connectivity to Pakistan’s largest 4G subscriber base.Leading the digital innovation in Pakistan, this successful trial of FDD technology is another milestone for Zong 4G’s preparedness to meet the growing needs of digital age customers.

Apple is making a special iphone for China without face id:

According to anonymous sources, Apple is going to replace facial recognition on iPhones with an under-display fingerprint sensor. They’re making a special version of iPhone for Chinese buyers, which won’t have facial recognition. For reference, the last two generations of Apple’s iPhones were released with facial recognition and without a fingerprint sensor.

Apple had said that it did not find a single under-display fingerprint sensor that met its requirements, but it looks like it has now finally found one that works with its OLED displays.

Video shows how the Samsung Galaxy A80’s motorized camera works:

Samsung Galaxy A80 might fall into the mid-range spectrum, but it is still packing flagship grade specifications. The most unique aspect about it, however, would be the neat little camera mechanism that is capable of popping up and rotating at the same time. The flip up and swinging motions are driven by just one motor, which first pushes the slider up and then continues pushing until the cameras are flipped around by the mechanism.

A Weibo blogger that posted the above video also put up a detailed disassembly of the phone, showing how the camera mechanism works. From the looks of it, it’s about as complicated as a regular pop-up camera (and it has the added benefit of better selfies).

Facebook, instagram and whatsapp are back after a global outage:

Most of you may already be aware that Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram experienced an outage last night. People were unable to load images in Facebook News Feed, view stories on Instagram, or download media in WhatsApp. WhatsApp users were unable to share photos, videos or voice messages, but texts were still going through, and #InstagramDown was quickly trending on Twitter.Facebook said earlier yesterday that it was aware of the issues and was “working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.” It blamed the outage on an error that was triggered during a “routine maintenance operation.”

Here’s how you can report a problem on uber:

Taking an Uber is an easy, smooth experience compared to taking a regular taxi or using public transport. There’s no ambiguity about the final price, you can go cash-less if you want, and you don’t have to walk around to look for a taxi. Most Uber rides happen without any problems for either the passenger or the driver. In the event that you have questions, concerns, or other issues, Uber customer service is there to help.

Intel and several car companies create the first guidelines for self driving cars:

Self-driving cars have gained a lot of attention recently. It has been the subject of controversy and has been scrutinized by the US government a lot. There have been several accidents in the US due to self-driving cars, some of them even being fatal, which is why the government has been trying to push tougher regulations on self-driving cars.The tech is still in its early years, which is why it’s important to set up a few guidelines to ensure uniformity and to create standards for the future.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 might have a new depth vision camera:

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series has always been home to Samsung’s ultra-premium technology and it looks like they have something new and interesting coming up again. The Note 10 series is due to launch next month at the second Unpacked event of the year.

Just ahead of the launch, Samsung has trademarked a ‘DepthVision lens’. Since trademarks don’t have information about the technology used, we’re unsure about its capabilities. The trademark was filed under class 9 which means it comes under smartphone cameras, which also includes 3D scanning.


How the pick-your-own-path episode was made:

This week is the 1,000th episode of BBC Click. To mark the anniversary, the team has created a special show that gives its audience complete control of what they watch. Welcome to what might be the future of television. By choosing the route of their choice through the programme, viewers can see just what they’re interested in. And as the show learns about what they like and don’t like – it will change to suit their preferences.

Man arrested over Baidu Boss drenching:

Chinese police have arrested a man in connection with an incident that left the boss of tech giant Baidu drenched with water.

Chief executive Robin Li was giving a speech when a man climbed on stage, grabbed him and upended a bottle of water over him.The incident happened at the Baidu Create 2019 conference in Beijing. The annual conference showcases the technology firm’s work on artificial intelligence and other innovations.

Samsung sued over water-resistant phone claims:

Samsung is being sued by Australia’s consumer watchdog for allegedly making misleading claims about the water-resistant properties of its phones. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) alleges Samsung’s adverts made “false” claims about using its phones while swimming and surfing. The ACCC said it had reviewed more than 300 Samsung adverts before launching its legal action.

Calorie counting apps ‘can exacerbate eating disorders’:

Calorie counting app creators have been criticized for allowing the platforms to be misused by people with eating disorders. The BBC found content logging self-harm and punishments for over-eating on MyFitnessPal, Lose It! and Lifesum. Eating disorder charity Beat said the mobile apps could exacerbate unhealthy behaviors and make recovery harder. The app developers said they promoted healthy eating, and safeguards to protect vulnerable users were in place.

Bitcoin’s energy consumption ‘equals that of Switzerland’:

Bitcoin uses as much energy as the whole of Switzerland, a new online tool from the University of Cambridge shows. The tool makes it easier to see how the crypto-currency network’s energy usage compares with other entities. However, one expert argued that it was the crypto-currency’s carbon footprint that really mattered. Currently, the tool estimates that Bitcoin is using around seven gigawatts of electricity, equal to 0.21% of the world’s supply.

Why the BBC does not want to store your data:

BBC audience members could soon be using all the data from their social media and online accounts to fine tune the content they listen to and view. The BBC is developing a personal data store that analyses information from multiple sources to filter content. Early prototypes of the BBC Box draw on profiles people have built up on Spotify, Instagram and the BBC iPlayer. The BBC will not store data for users. Instead, preferences will be kept in the Box so they can be reused.

Vodafone switches on 5g network in seven UK cities:

Vodafone has become the second UK mobile operator to turn on its 5G network, offering faster speeds and the opportunity for new services. The network is going live in seven UK cities, including Cardiff, London, Manchester and Glasgow. Making a success of the service could be crucial to the firm which has seen financial losses and customer complaints in recent years.5G networks offer more capacity than 4G with speeds up to 100 times faster. It could also help support new technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, robotics, connected cities and self-driving cars.

Cyber-incident reports from UK finance sector spiked by 1,000pc in 2018:

There has been a sharp rise in the number of cyber-incidents reported by the UK’s financial sector caused by hack attacks and other problems, according to official figures. A Freedom of Information request to the Financial Conduct Authority revealed that the number of declared events rose from 69 in 2017 to 819 in 2018.That marks a rise of more than 1,000%.Consumer banks accounted for nearly 60% of the reports submitted to the watchdog last year.

Facebook may be ‘pivoting’ to something worse:

Over the past few months, Mark Zuckerberg has spoken at length about his grand plan for fixing Facebook.In short, it involves “pivoting” – as they say – to a more private social network. One which focuses on closed spaces, like groups or messaging, rather than the public News Feed. He unveiled this plan in March, a year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal hit. At the time, I noted that critics were concerned that the shift would mean Facebook was abdicating some of its responsibilities. Making Facebook more private would arguably not remove the problems of abuse – though it would make it harder for outsiders to find instances of Facebook’s failures.

US border patrol investigates ‘disturbing’ secret facebook group:

US officials are investigating a secret Facebook group where border patrol members allegedly posted racist and sexist jokes about migrants and others.

The private group had about 9,500 members, including former and current border patrol agents. Some posts mocked migrant deaths, while others targeted Latino members of Congress, ProPublica said. The Border Patrol chief has called the posts “completely inappropriate”.”Any employees found to have violated our standards of conduct will be held accountable,” Carla Provost said.

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