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Economic Indicator Of Pakistan

An economic indicator is a statistic about an economic activity. Economic indicators allow analysis of economic performance and predictions of future performance. Economic indicators include various indices, earnings reports, and economic summaries.


Production Of Selected Large-Scale Manufacturing In Pakistan* (during Jul – Apr)
ItemsWeightsAdjusted WeightsPercentage Change ItemsWeightsAdjusted WeightsPercentage Change
FY19 FY18 FY19 FY18
Textile 20.91 29.74 -0.32 0.54 Iron & Steel Products 5.39 7.67 -10.97 22.88
Cotton Yarn12.9618.430.020.06Pig iron1.582.250.000.00
Cotton Cloth7.1910.220.070.05Billets/Ingots1.522.17-24.8324.86
Jute Goods (Total)0.330.47-14.7229.04H/C.R.Sheets/Strips/
Coils/plates etc
Woollen & carpet yarn0.330.47-4.2223.71 Fertilizers 4.44 6.31 5.17 -7.95
Woolen & worsted cloth0.090.12-53.7615.16Phos. fertilizers0.400.570.85-7.61
Knitting wool0.010.02-5.32-9.91Nit. fertilizers4.045.755.73-7.99
Woolen blankets0.000.0190.1613.93 Electronics 1.96 2.79 17.32 100.00
Food, Beverages & Tobacco 12.37 17.59 -6.99 2.51Refrigerators0.240.34-18.35-26.71
Sugar3.545.04-18.39-7.25Electric transformers0.170.24-23.8359.97
Cigarettes2.133.025.9083.76Deep freezers0.160.2324.88-0.17
Cooking oil2. gears0.000.01-59.02-4.91
Vegetable ghee1.141.63-1.058.99T.V. sets0.160.23-3.87-8.44
Wheat & grain milling1.011.443.290.53Electric fans0.070.11-10.535.95
Soft drinks0.901.28-5.81-3.90Electric meters0.160.23-4.67-11.23
Juices, syrups & squashes0.200.297.797.46Air conditioners0.080.125.7815.82
Liquors0. bulbs0.060.09-15.518.55
Starch & its products0.791.127.039.53Electric motors0.711.0030.44349.20
Tea blended0.380.54-4.3010.30Electric tubes0.
Coke & Petroleum Products 5.51 7.84 -6.34 12.98Storage batteries0.140.19-2.784.05
Coke0. sets0.
Petroleum Products5.417.69-6.3412.98 Leather Products 0.86 1.22 2.61 -8.63
Pharmaceuticals 3.62 5.15 -7.33 3.65Upper leather0.390.561.822.66
Source: SBP (*Complete information can attain from the source)

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